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Top musicians signed in WCB Wasafi records; Aiyolizer; Wasafi record Contacts

ByJuma Chai

Oct 29, 2018

WCB Wasafi records is undoubtedly the biggest music production studio in East and Central Africa. The record label owned by Diamond Platnumz has grown tremendously from a single artist to current talented 6 artists.

Both good management and extremely talented musicians have greatly contributed to the huge success of Wasafi records. WCB prides itself with not only promoting talents but also releasing top charting music in the region.

Aiyolizer – WCB Wasafi record producer

WCB’s producer Aiyolizer is the amazing brain behind the great tunes produced at wasafi records. Its increasingly clear that Aiyolizer is super talented.

1. Diamond Platinumz- Abdul Naseeb

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond platinumz is the founder and the president of WCB. His contributions to the growth of music is Tanzania is amazing.

The father of three, has not only opened Tanzanian music and culture to the world, but also provided platform for new talents to be showcased.

2. Harmonize- Rajab Abdul Kahali


Harmonize was the first artist to be signed in WCB and since then, he has never disappointed his fans. The matatizo hit maker is close friend with Diamond.

His debut song at Wasafi was Aiyola, a song that received massive airplay in major radios and TVs in East Africa. He enjoys huge fan base across Africa.

3. Rayvanny -Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa

Harmonize and his Baby mama

Rayvanny is one of the most successful musician signed in WCB. In 2017, the Zezeta hit maker was nominated in BET Awards. He managed to defy all odds and was able to bag Viewers choice award.

He has collaborated with household musicians in Africa including his boss Diamond Platnumz. The song that put him on the map was Salome featuring Diamond.

4. Queen Darleen

Queen Darleen

Queen darling is a blood sister to Diamond Platnumz and the only female artist privileged to be sign at Wasafi.

She has released amazing songs both singles and Collaborations. Kijuso, Ntakufilisi and Touch are her notable songs that made her to soar greater heights in music field.

5. Lava Lava

Lava Lava

Lava Lava is also a young talented artist who has registered immense success ever since he was signed at Wasafi.

Some of his hit songs are Tuachane, Kilio, Utatulia, Dede, Teja, Kizunguzungu, Tattoo, Drive me home and Chaka.

6. Mboso


Mboso is the newest signee at WCB Wasafi records who was initially a member of Yamoto band.

While at Wasafi, he has released top-charting songs including; Picha yake, Alele, Watakubali, Nimekuzoea, Nipepee among others.

WCB Wasafi records Contacts






Juma Chai

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