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ByJuma Chai

Feb 22, 2020

Teachers Service commission is set to confirm teachers employed as interns on permanent basis if The National Assembly Education Committee’s move in parliament is anything to go by.

TSC ittended to recruit 10,000 teachers as interns and 5,000 teachers on permanent and pensionable terms as from next month but Education Committee is opposed to the idea and wants TSC to hire teachers on permanent basis.

The move by the committee has made the commission to resolve by first confirming on permanent basis the current 6,000 teachers Working as interns in secondary schools. Sources from the Teachers Service commission also indicate that the commission will now employ 9, 000 teacher on permanent and pansionable terms and 6,000 more as interns.

However, the commission may still face serious challenges among them, insufficient funds. Appearing before education committee to defend its budget for the next financial year, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia said the commission was not assured of funds from the treasury to recruit teachers on permanent and pensionable terms hence the need to use the limited resources to recruit interns.

Worse still, the parliament committee does not want TSC to employ any qualified teacher on anything apart from the permanent and pensionable deal. The MPs insist that the lion’s share of the commission’s budget should go to the recruitment of teachers.

Juma Chai

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