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TSC LATEST PROPOSED 2021-2025 CBA. 29/06/2021

ByJuma Chai

Jun 29, 2021

Following the presentation of the 2021-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA, by Teachers Service Commision, TSC, More details regarding the proposal has emerged concerning the basic salaries of teachers per job grade, as well as the allowances.

The proposal by the TSC indicated that teachers in the lower grades will have the lions share of the salary increments at a rate of 32%, while those in the administrative roles and job grades will have a slightly lower basic salary increment at a rate of 16%, as shown below.

The commission also indicated that the house allowances, travelling allowances and leave allowances will also increase at the rate of 20% in all the job grades.

TSC has announced that they have presented the proposal to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC for approval, after which the commission will go ahead and effect the salaries to all teachers.

However, the proposal has hit a snitch after the teachers trade unions, KUPPET and KNUT rejected the proposal, arguing that they were not involved in drafting the CBA. However, tsc has defended itself by aļ¬ƒrming that the proposal is based on the availability of funds, and is therefore sustainable

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