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How the KCSE grading system works

KNEC grades candidates who sit for 7 or more KCSE subjects during the national examinations. Even if a candidate sits for 8 or more subjects at the KCSE examinations, only seven (7) subjects are used in grading. The examinations body puts all subjects into five groups. These groups include:

  • Group I – These are compulsory subjects all students must sit for during exams. They include English (101), Kiswahili (102), and Mathematics (121).
  • Group II – The group consists of four science subjects. However, a student must sit for at least two subjects during the exams. They include Biology (231), Physics (232), Chemistry (233), and General Science (237).
  • Group III – The group consists of five humanities subjects. A student must sit for at least one subject during the exams. They include History and Government (311), Geography (312), Christian Religious Education (313), Islamic Religious Education (314), and Hindu Religious Education (315).
  • Group IV – There are eleven subjects in this group. The subjects include: Home Science (411), Art and Design (442), Agriculture (443), Woodwork (444), Metalwork (445), Building Construction (446), Power Mechanics (447), Electricity (448), Drawing and Design (449), Aviation Technology (450), and Computer Studies (451).
  • Group V – The groups consists of subjects from languages and business studies. They include French (501), German (502), Arabic (503), Kenya Sign Language (504), Music (511), and Business Studies (565).


A student can choose the seventh subject from Group II or Groups III, IV or V. To get a mean grade based on the latest KCSE grading system, KNEC averages a student’s score in all the seven (7) subjects.

The table below shows grades and marks and their corresponding points based on the current KCSE grading system.

kcse grading system 2019

Top 10 schools in terms of straight A’s

  1. Kenya high 76 A’s
  2. Kapsabet 49
  3. Alliance 48
  4. Moi kbarak 30
  5. Allaince g 30
  6. Maryhill 25
  7. Maseno 23
  8. Nairobi school 23
  9. Mangu 23
  10. Moi Girls Nakuru 21