Paylater now renamed to Carbon in one of the foremost and best instant loan apps in Nigeria. They have been around for some years now and they have shown tremendous growth. Carbon (paylater) is the most popular and most used quick loan app in the country presently.
    You can get loans from N5000 to N1000,000 and if your loan is approved it will be disbursed to your account within 5- 10 minutes.
    To access loan from Carbon just download the app by clicking here=> “Carbon App” register and fill in your correct information. You will be shown how much they are willing to offer you for a start after that. Note that you can always increase your loan limit by paying back on time.


    Aella credit loan app is one of the most friendly and generous instant loan apps in Nigeria as they offer reasonable loan amount for first timers and also increase the loan limit rapidly. Although Aella was first made only for employees of companies within their network, they are now open to all individuals including students.
    You can get loan from N5000 to N1000000 and your will be disbursed and you will be credited within 10 minutes.
    Also, as you make timely repayment, your loan amount increases and your interest rate reduces.
    Get access to Aella Credit loan now


    Although Palmcredit is relatively new, they have made a name for themselves and grown large user base due to the flexibility of their app and loan structure.
    Palmcredit offers loan of up to N100,000 to individuals instantly without any collateral or paperwork. Their interest rate is from 12%-24% and their loan duration is from 14 days to 3 months.
    They also offers airtime and data loans with just 12% interest for 14 days.
    They run a referral program and with this you can get up to N100k if you refer your friends and they pay back on time. You can also increase your loan limit by paying back on time.
    Get A Loan From Palmcredit Now


    Branch is another popular app that offers loan to individuals and small businesses at a reduced interest rate. Branch makes accessing personal loans to individuals very easy as it takes few mins to register with them and apply for loan. Loans are usually disbursed within few minutes.
    Branch offers loans of up to N100000 for just about 20% interest rate. Branch has disbursed over N1billion in loans.
    The repayment plan for Branch is different from most of the other instant loan apps as you pay weekly. So you need to get your payment ready at the end of every week. “Download Branch Now


    Fairmoney is relatively one of the latest instant loan apps In Nigeria. Fairmoney like most quick loan app do not require collateral or guarantor before giving you loan they only rely on your creditworthiness.
    Fairmoney loan app provides quick cash for personal finance, house rent, health emergency, business and car repairs. Your approved loan is disbursed within 5 minutes and you can have between 14 days – 3 months loan duration. FairMoney can give you a loan of up to N150,000.
    Get A Loan From FairMoney Now

  • ALAT

    ALAT is a digital bank introduced by Wema Bank of Nigeria. The aim of ALAT is to enable you to carryout all banking transactions digitally without you having to see the four walls of a banking hall.
    You can open a full fledged account, send money, receive money, pay bills and carryout all other banking transactions without leaving your house.
    ALAT also give you 10% interest on your savings in the ALAT account.
    With ALAT, you can get an instant loan up to N200,000 without collateral and guarantor. Just download the app and create and account.
    To receive free N500 to use as you like, Download ALAT by clicking =>> “ALAT” then enter this code “BV4HGJ” in your referral column. We will send you your free N500 immediately.


    QuickCheck is one of the most popular and foremost instant loan apps in Nigeria. QuickCheck offers individual personal loan from N10,000 – N50,000. They also offer loans for salary earners which can be up to N200,000. Their interest rate is 1% per day and you can increase your loan amount and reduce your rate by repaying your loan on time.
    QuickCheck allow loan duration of up to 30 day for personal loans and up to 180 days for salary earners.
    “Get A Loan From “QuickCheck Now


    Although KwikMoney is not entirely an app, the mode in which they offer instant loans make us list them here. KwikMoney offers internet-based, app and USSD loan options. They partners with banks and mobile network operators on a mission to make personal banking services convenient and accessible to all Nigerians.
    With KwikMoney your mobile phone number is your requirements for accessing loans. You can get a loan as high as N150,000 at 15% interest rate for 15 days to 6 months. Loan disbursement is always instant and you can have your loan in the next 2 minutes if you apply now.
    To get loan through KwikMoney dial *561# on your phone now or visit “KwikMoney Instant Loans
    If you apply and you were not given loan, we can help just drop a comment below.


    Kiakia which means “quick quick” in Yoruba language is one of the fastest means to get instant personal and business loans in Nigeria. With Kiakia you will be interacting with a bot that will tell you how much loan you will be offered, your interest rate and loan tenure.
    KiaKia uses data bulk, computer forensics, psychometry and machine learning to perform secure credit rating and enable repayment risk evaluation algorithm in order to guarantee direct individual and business credits.
    You can borrow up to N5,000,000 and loan tenure is between 30 days for new users and 6 months for regular users. To get instant loan from Kiakia just click =>> “KiaKia Instant Loan Bot“.


    GT bank is always at the forefront of technology and innovations in the banking sector of Nigeria so it is not a surprise that we see that GTB is offering instant loans on their mobile app platform.
    You can get instant quick credit for up to N200,000 at interest rate of between 5% and 24% depending on the loan tenure that you choose.
    Note that this quick credit is different from salary advance, max advance and business loans that are all available on GT internet platform.
    Download GTB Mobile App Now

So that’s the list of the 10 best instant loan apps in Nigeria. Do you have any experience using any of the apps? kindly share your experience below in the comment box.


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