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ByJuma Chai

Dec 5, 2018


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. It is the largest city in east and central Africa.


The word Nairobi comes from a Maasai name “Ewaso Nai’beri” a Maasai name which means a place of cool waters.


The City was started in 1899 by railway builders who set up camp at this swampy area while building the lunatic express railway line. This railway line was meant to connect the east African interior with the rest of the world.


It is between the altitudes of 1660m to 1800m above sea level which give it its famous cool temperatures. Even though other parts of Africa may reach temperatures as high as 300c the temperatures of Nairobi will always remain mild at around 22.


Nairobi has an intricate transport network which comprises of mini-busses with a capacity of 14 to 21 passengers. These minibuses are known as “Matatu” which means three. This word was coined from the fact that the buses can accommodate three people per row. One unique factor that sets these minibuses from the rest of the world is the culture that surrounds them. This culture involves loud music, graffiti art and beautiful body designs.

On the southern suburbs of the city there is the Nairobi national park. The only national park within a city.( Nakuru national park is set to join this league soon) it is a place of contrast as the concrete jungles of the city vanish into a flat savannah grassland with few scattered acacia trees and shrubs.  It is home to over 250 recorded bird species, lions, elephants, the endangered black rhino leopards and many other animals. The animals in this park still exhibit their uninterrupted wild behaviors.

Nairobi is the major airline hub for Kenya and the rest of the region. Its major airport the Jomo Kenyatta international airport receives flights from, the United States of America, Europe, Far East, Middle East and Australia.



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