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myNTI Nigeria Teachers Institute Students Application Manual

ByJuma Chai

Mar 6, 2021



Welcome to the National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna new online student portal, called the myNTI student portal. The Student Portal is the home for all distance learning students where they are able to plan, attend and track their education activity for both live as well as self-paced classes. With one-click, students are able to access tools, calendars and support resources.

Improved survey and assessment capability provide both students and their instructors with a clear picture of progress throughout their educational journey.

The student portal is built with state of the art technologies and a clean mobile friendly user interface.

The site had been released in various internal and pilot stages throughout the last quarter of 2016 and is targeted for global launch in the first quarter of 2017.

For information about the new NTI Student portal or to register for a programme, please visit: my.nti.edu.ng


In this document, you will learn the following namely:

  • How to launch a fresh application using the application wizard
  • Programme Information
  • Section A: Personal Details
  • Section B: Certificates Obtained
  • Working Experience
  • File Upload
  • Log-In Details
  • Payment process
  • Online Payment
  • Bank Payment
  • How to return and continue application
  • Student Service Portal-Dashboard


Starting your application: Fresh Applicants

To begin an application simply visit www.nti.edu.ng and click apply for admissions into a programme


Fresh Applications Form

Click the Fresh applications button to access the form;


Programme Information

This section of the forms allows an applicant to choose from a list of programmes currently offered by the Institute. The applicant can also choose two specialisations/subject combinations (if applicable). Other information to be provided by the applicant are; State of Residence, Local Government of Residence, and Study Centre.


Section A: Personal Details

This section of the application allows applicants to fill in their personal information i.e Applicants full name,starting with Surname, Other names, Date of Birth, Gender, State of Origin, Local Government of Origin, Telephone Number and Email address (please provide a working and correct email address).


Section B: Certificates Obtained

This section enables an applicant to provide details of his/her O’levels, A’ Levels, Diploma, Degree etc qualifications and certificates obtained.


Section B: Add Credentials

The applicant can add qualifications by clicking new on Section B of the form, fill the pop up by choosing the type of certificate and completing the rest.

Click save after adding a credential until all educational qualifications have been added.


Working Experience

An applicant fills his/her working experience on this section of the form.

Click new to view a pop up that allows an applicant to provide his/her work experience details.


Working Experience: Add Employment Record

The applicant provides details of the working experience by clicking new on this section and filling the corresponding pop up form.


Create Login Details

Create login details by specifying a password.

The student should note that his/her email address provided earlier and the password provided will be used to complete the application at a future date.


View Amount to Pay and RRR

Click submit and pay to view the amount to be paid and an RRR is generated automatically.

Please note that only payments made against RRR Codes generated via this portal would be accepted.

NCE/ADE/PTTP Programmes- N2500

BA/BSc Programmess- N5500


PGDE Programmes – N10,500



Make Payment

Click pay via Remita to view full RRR and access payment channels.

ADE/NCE/PPTP Programmes

Amount to pay N2500


Payments: Card

An applicant can make his/her payment online via card channels;

• Choose type of card; MasterCard, Visa or Verve

• Fill the card details and click ok.


• If transaction is successful, the applicant will receive a payment confirmation page;



Payments: Bank

To make a payment at the Branch of any bank.

• Copy the RRR number and take to any available bank branch


Continuing Applications

To continue or complete an application;

The student should use his/her email address and password as login details on the applications home page;


Access Student Dashboard

A student can view his/her payment status, application status, upload documents and passport photograph via this page.


View Payment Status

A student can view his/her payment status by viewing the payment status dashlet;


Download Admission Letter

A student can download his/her admission letter after being admitted into a programme.

Click the admission letter dashlet to view and download the letter.

Sample admission letter for an applicant into NCE Programme



Student File Uploads

An applicant can upload his/her files from this section of the dashboard.

  • Click “ Upload O-Level Certificate”, “Upload Other Certificates” or “Upload Degree Certificate” to go to the file upload page.

  • Click “select” to select the file (jpeg or pdf formats, size should be 500kb maximum), then click save to complete the upload. The item will then have a check to show that it was successful.


• Repeat the above for all file uploads.


Verify RRR

An applicant whose payment is not reflecting can put in his / her RRR Number here so we can verify the payment.

Then click “Verify”



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