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ByJuma Chai

Nov 17, 2019

“You dream,we actualize.”

Mwalimu Business loan is designed to enable all Mwalimu Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses

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Individual loan

Clients with well established businesses, can access business loans directly without group requirements. The minimum loan for individual client is Kshs 501,000 and a maximum of Kshs 5,000,000.


  • Individual loans are offered at an interest rate of 1.25% p.m. on reducing balance.
  • Our repayment period is between 3-36 months depending on the amount borrowed.
  • The loan is self-secured and acceptable securities include logbooks and commercial title deeds.


Group Loans

Business Loans are disbursed to individual members within a group for expansion of existing income generating ventures. Such businesses must have been in operation for at least 6 months.

Group loans are done based on tiers.

  1. Tier one KSH 30,000 – KSH 150,000 (1.33% pm) payable in maximum 12months.
  2. Tier two KSH 151,000 – KSH 250,000 (1.33% pm) payable in maximum 24months.
  3. Tier three KSH 251,000 – KSH 500,000 (1.33% pm) payable in maximum 36months.

One has to start from tier one and graduate through the tiers within the program based on business ability. If successful, at tier three one can move to borrow as an individual client without the need of group.

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