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MUST READ: Police officers arrested for dragging Mercy Cherono from moving motorcycle


Jun 11, 2020

A senior police officer in Kuresoi South and two of his juniors who tied a woman on a motorbike and dragged her on a dirt road have been arrested.

The arrests came after a video went viral showing 21-year-old Mercy Cherono being dragged by a motorbike as a police officer caned her back with a rubber whip.

A tweet by Directorate of Criminal Investigation stated that the three were in lawful custody and helping with further investigations into the matter.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority has also launched a probe into the incident.

Cherono who was brutally beaten by police officers suffered broken bones, a cut on the head and soft tissue injuries on her hands.

The mother of one said she was picked from a pub at Olenguruone on claims she colluded with accomplices to steal household goods, clothes and money from a neighbour’s house.

Speaking at Olenguruone Sub-County Hospital where she was admitted on Monday, the woman said the officers led members of the public in torturing her by beating her with metal rods and rubber whips.

“They then tied my hands, hooked them on a motorbike and dragged me on the ground for a long distance as an officer followed us caning me with a rubber whip,” she said.

It took the intervention of an elderly man who pleaded with the police to stop the whipping and instead present her at a police station.

Olenguruone Medical Superintendent, Solomon Bera confirmed her injuries.

“We have plastered her legs and dressed the cut wound on her head. She is ready for discharge to continue recuperating at home,” he said.

Bera said the woman was in so much pain and the hospital had prescribed painkillers for her.

The video sparked off a chorus of condemnation about police brutality.

Francis Chelule, a former councillor, said it was unfortunate that a suspect can be the subject of mob injustice in the hands of police officers.

“Police are supposed to secure suspects from mob injustice but in this case, the police led the public in torturing and humiliating Cherono,” he said.

Chelule accused police officers of luring the local women in their houses and then accusing them of stealing.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said it was unfortunate that police officers could lead a mob in torturing a suspect.

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