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Ministry to use IDs to trace Covid-19 patients on the run – CAS Aman


Jun 2, 2020

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman on Tuesday said efforts to find them have borne no fruit, despite numerous calls for them to present themselves.

He said tracing the cases using ID numbers is among the alternatives being explored.

“We have been trying to trace them but we are yet to make progress. We are therefore going to use alternative means including use of IDs and alternative contacts,” Aman said.

 Public Health Director Dr Patrick Amoth last week said the 140 were among those who turned up for the voluntary mass testing.

According to Amoth, they gave the wrong contact information and when their samples turned positive, they couldn’t be found.“As the CS said, they can run but cannot hide from the long arm of the government. They can choose to present themselves before the disease puts them down,” he said.

Amoth’s statement came a day after a patient escaped from Mbagathi Hospital after threatening security personnel with a screw driver and a knife.

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