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Kenyan Billionaire Pledges Ksh100M to Fight Coronavirus


Apr 2, 2020

Steel magnate Narendra Raval on Thursday, April 2, pledged to make a donation towards the fight against Covid-19 in the country.

In a letter by Raval to the Ministry of Health, he pledged to donate oxygen of up to Ksh 100 million to all government hospitals in the country.

“Oxygen will be collected from our Mombasa, Ruiru and Athi River Devki Steel Mills Ltd Factories in exchange of empty cylinders,” read a part of the letter.

Raval further stated that he was ready to pledge all his assets if he was required to do so.

“If the need arises, I am ready to pledge all my assets to save my country and the people of Kenya from the Covid-19 devil,” Raval posted on Twitter.

His donation came a month after he made a series of predictions on the virus, claiming that a cure for the Coronavirus would be found in China in exactly forty days. 

The Devki group founder further predicted that by March 27, the Coronavirus outbreak would be effectively under control.

“According to my Astrology, in exactly 40 days from today, China will be able to get a cure for the Coronavirus. Although the death toll may rise to 2800 between now and the beginning of March, all hope will be rekindled for there will be effective control of the spread of the disease by the 27th of March.

“A preventive vaccine will be ready by May. When we pray for China, we pray for the world,” Raval shared on Facebook.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, March 24, Chinese tycoon Jack Ma donated 20,000 Covid-19 testing kits, face masks and other assorted protective equipment in an effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Ma had promised to donate the equipment to African countries to help battle against the disease

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