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KEBS bans 8 sanitiser brands


May 18, 2020

The Kenya Bureau of Standards has banned 8 brands ascertained as not meeting the requirements of KS EAS 789; Kenya Standard specification for instant hand sanitisers.

The brands are Alphax from Kinga Palace, Clean Essentials from Virtuelle Products Ltd, G&L from Orange Pharma, Gentle Care from Bidco Africa, Lili from Kenbrands International Company, Msiri from Mafleva International Ltd, Shi shi Natural from Shishi Naturals and Spotless Advanced from Havan East Africa Trading.

“The manufacturers of the said products are instructed to discontinue manufacturing or offering for sale the affected sanitizers,” a statement released on Sunday read.

The manufacturers are required to recall all the substandard sanitisers from the market and institute corrective actions whose effectiveness shall be confirmed by KEBS before the suspension of permits is lifted.

“KEBS shall continue to undertake market surveillance and factory inspections. Substandard products found will be seized for destruction at the expense of the owner in addition to any other legal action as provided under the law,” the statement further read.

“KEBS wishes to inform the public that its mandate entails consumer protection against substandard products that might be harmful to or compromise their health and safety.”

KEBS conducts factory inspections, product certifications and market surveillance activities to monitor the quality of products sold to Kenyans at varied points of sale to give an assurance to the public on the status of the products they buy.

As part of product certification scheme, KEBS issues standardization mark permits to manufacturers for products whose compliance to approved standards have been ascertained.

KEBS also urged Kenyans to be on the lookout and inform them on encountering products suspected to be substandard.

Wajibika Na KEBS is a program that allows the public to report cases about substandard products.

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