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ByJuma Chai

Dec 1, 2019

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has announced new dates for their recruitment exercise which was previously set for October.

KDF, in a statement released Saturday, stated that the exercise will now take place from November 27 to December 16, 2019.

The Defence ministry further urged candidates who had already applied earlier to re-apply in line with the new dates.

According to KDF Deputy Director of Public Communications Bogita Ongeri, recruitment of general service officers, cadets, specialist officers, tradesmen and tradeswoman will be done at the Defence headquarters and those shortlisted will be notified through the newspapers from November 16-20.

General duty recruits and defence forces constables will however be recruited by KDF teams at sub-county level and those who make the cut will be notified from December 23-29 in the dailies.

Kenya Defence Forces

Here are the details of the #Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruitment exercise which had earlier been postponed and now rescheduled to take place from 27th November to 16th December 2019. Those #candidates who had applied earlier MUST reapply afresh. https://bit.ly/2pUY16V

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The recruitment process had earlier been scheduled for October 28 but was, two weeks ago, cancelled following protests by Kenyan legislators over recruitment centres.

The Parliamentary Defence and Foreign Relations Committee opposed a prior announcement by the government that KDF recruitment would take place at the county headquarters.

The committee argued that hundreds of youth would be locked out in this manner, saying instead the exercise should be conducted at the sub-counties.

Kenya Defence Forces recruitment schedule -Kilifi county
1. Monday Dec. 02nd 2019 – Magarini subcounty (Marafa)
2. Tuesday Dec. 03rd 2019 – Malindi subcounty (Malindi town)
3. Wednesday Dec. 04th 2019 – Ganze subcounty (Ganze)
4. Thursday Dec. 05th 2019 – Kilifi north subcounty (Kilifi town)
5. Friday Dec. 06th 2019 – Kaloleni subcounty (Kaloleni)
6. Monday Dec. 09th – Rabai subcounty (Rabai)
7. Tuesday Dec. 10th – Kilifi south subcounty (Kikambala).
H’aya athana na asichana, kajezeni bahathi zenu.

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