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KCSE 2018 Results.

ByJuma Chai

Nov 30, 2018

As the Kenya National examination Council (KNEC) is set to realise the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education result 2018, before Christmas. It is wise to put in some of my thoughts the subject.

The education system with its exam based focused is set to collapse. After the abolishment of school rankings, most schools have relaxed. I think that competition is what set the Kenyan system from the rest in Africa. But still the same competition was also our undoing.

This system was set to be biased, its a son of the old colonial systems. Education with status. The system gave us three categories of schools. Top performing national schools, middle performance schools and the others.

The difference as we may think would be in their performance. Wrong. The difference is in the resources that these instructions have. By bringing top students and children of the who in who to national schools, all resources would be redirected to these schools.

At the end of it all we expect that these students should complete for the same slots in the university. A kid who does a practical every week in a modern laboratory vs a student who observes demonstrations and tries to imagine results from teachers explanations.

Enough said. We can complain and point fingers but without solutions its all vanity. Some things to consider are

  • Return of the ranking system but this time round we rank schools on the basis of Value Addition. Value-added measures seek to quantify the value of gains in educational attainment over time, usually by comparing student test results in one year with those that the same students achieved in subsequent years. i know most would say that we already have that but wrong. What we have is school progress. What did last years candidate score vs this year. This is a very inaccurate way to measure since the most important factor (The Student) varies. What should happen is that the schools are to be ranked on basis of intake mean against output mean. It would shock you by how much some teachers work yet they are not recognise d due to their poor intakes.

Juma Chai

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