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Jalang’o Discloses His Monthly Income


Aug 29, 2020

Jalang’o is a man of many talents, having gone from being a comedian, to a radio host and now a YouTube content creator. 

During a recent interview with fellow YouTuber, Tonnie Murithi, he revealed that he had just received his first cheque from YouTube. 

For only three months, he earned Ksh1.8 million from advertisements on his channel which now has over 200,000 subscribers.

“YouTube sent us our first cheque in three months of Ksh1.8 million from ad revenue,” he disclosed. 

He also added that on a good month he makes Ksh3 million using Instagram to advertise on Instagram. 

Clients pay him to post information about their products on his Instagram which has 1.9 million followers.

The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. 

Creators can earn money from advertisements aired on their videos and from YouTube Premium subscribers watching their content.

The company has a 45/55% sharing formula which lets creators keep 55% of revenue generated from their content. 

According to Brian Muuo a digital content expert, revenue is calculated on a cost per mile (CPM) basis which means a creator gets paid for every 1,000 ad impressions their content has. 

“If you’re having trouble getting views, try to be creative on where you share your videos. Targeting an audience with an interest in your type of content works better than trying to appeal to a general audience,” he advised creators. 

YouTube works best for creators who always post quality content frequently.

“YouTube rewards consistent channels by pushing them higher in the search and recommended lists. Don’t forget, as a business, YouTube generates revenue by selling ads on videos. 

“Therefore, when you create consistent quality content, you position yourself for YouTube to promote your videos to a wider audience,” he stated.

Jalang’o maximised consistency by posting four engaging videos every week for three months. 

“Musicians don’t earn a lot from YouTube because they release songs after long periods of inactivity on their channels. Diamond Platinumz is a good example since he is always posting content even if its not music. He captures footage of his daily life and posts to maintain consistency,” Jalang’o shared.

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