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ByJuma Chai

May 30, 2020

This is a business in which case an entrepreneur purchases  tents and chairs and  then rents them out to those having events of sorts.

Although such a business may entail offering related services such as photography, video ,sound
and event management the main focus  is hiring out tents and chair at a small and
medium level. The target market for the business is anyone having an event.




Tents are usually sold first based on their capacity, and secondly by design. Capacity has to do
with the number of people that can comfortably fit in the tent. Design on the other hand has to do
with the look of the tent. Among the common designs include flat roof, high peak, marquee,
dome and pyramid. There are also innovative tents like the clear tents which allow guests to see
the outside, heart shaped tents and others. And there are now more colures other than white.
Most independent manufacturers give the buyer a chance to select the canvas from a variety of
With the increasing number of independent ( as opposed to big factory) tent makers the variety
of designs is expanding as the tent makers try to outdo each other, and also as more tent buyers
order tents made to their specifications. Some tent buyers search the internet for designs which
they take to tent makers to replicate.
Prices vary with capacity and design but also the ‘features’ of the tent. For instance the type of
canvas used the strength of the supporting frames. Some tent makers talk of ultra violet rays
protection and water resistant in case it rains. When purchasing the balance is between what the
vendor wants for her business and what her customers want. High quality canvas means that the
tents won’t tear and depreciate easily. On the other hand her customers may not ask about the
quality of the canvas rather they may be interested in the design and other fancy additions.
Also as more entrepreneurs get it and drop out of tents hire business, and trends change a
secondary market of second hand tents has emerged. Considerations of quality (are they torn,
faded?), design and price are important.
Independent manufacturers tend to be cheaper than factory manufacturers. However some of the
independents lack a sort of quality control thus one may find an unnecessary fold, lose threads,
rough edges in the frames and other such ‘small’ oversights. This is not always the case but is a
higher possibility with independent tent makers. There are some who are extremely good and
make tents of a better quality than those made in the factories.
No matter the source of the tent, prices tend to fall within a certain range. The difference is based
on design, competition in the area, negotiation skills and at times even the time of the year.
Know the market – Don’t invest blindly www.kenyaknowhow.com 0712 473455 Page 4
Price of Tents
Capacity 50 People 100 People
Ksh. Ksh.
Average price 50,000 100,000
Lowest Price Recorded 40,000 80,000
Highest Price Recorded 75,000 170,000
Other Common Price Points 55,000, 60,000, 65,000 90,000,95,000,110,000


Plastic chairs are the commonly used. Generally there are two types of plastic chair used;
a) Chairs With Arms
b) Chairs Without Arms ( Armless)
When the tents and chair hire business started picking in Kenya plastic chairs with arms were the
only used. However the market found them bulky, eating up lots of space and not easy to dress.
Manufacturers reacted by making armless chairs. As compared to the chairs with arms more of
these fit in a space, and their structure makes it easy to dress.
Most of those who have in the business for 3 or so years have both the chairs with arms and
without. Among consumers the demand for armless chairs is more than for chairs with arms. The
hiring out price is also more for armless chairs than for the chairs with arms.
Prices vary with the manufacturer and the seller. Though there are 3 main manufactures
(Kenpoly, Adix and Complast) the price differences can be as high as Ksh.200 between 2 sellers.
Some manufactures tend to be favored than others due to quality.
Price Of Chairs
Average Price 600
Lowest Price Recorded 480
Highest Price Recorded 800
Other Price Points 500,550,580,650,760

Chiavari Chairs

Since late 2011 Chiavari chairs have started gaining popularity. These are seen as more stylish,
comfortable and giving a superior and exclusive experience. They come in many styles some
made of wood, metal and even fiber with fancy cushions.
Know the market
They cost between Ksh.2, 500 and Ksh.4, 500 and between Ksh.150 to Ksh.300. See Revenue
for more) when renting out.


Plastic are sold based on size and design. The most common sizes are of a capacity of 6 and 8
people and design round and rectangular. Prices vary from Ksh.1400 to Ksh.4700 with the
average price being Ksh.2400. The difference in prices depends on the seller, design and
Since chairs and tents are the most in demand entrepreneurs starting with low capital purchase
tables as the business grows.
Other Basic Items
Draping/Dressing Cloths – These cost between Ksh.50 and 150 per meter depending on the
quality, and source.
Flowers – There is no standard price for these and they can be as low as Ksh.100 and high as
Center pieces

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