How to get Telegram Members?

There are several ways to grow your channel for money income: 

1. Share with friends

You can share your channel with your friends, they will share your link with their friends and so on. That way you can get your first 50-100 members absolutely for free.

2. Cross promo

Do cross-promo with other channels, but it will be really hard at the start. In order to do cross-promo, you need to have at least 2000 members in your channel. Otherwise other owners and admins won’t be interested in promoting their content in your Telegram channel.

3. Paid advertising

Buy ads in other channels. It takes money investments from you, but in return you get active users. But there can be a problem, the same ads on different channels can bring you 500 new subscribers or just 1… or even 0 members. You never know, it’s a risky business.

4. Buy members

There are services that provide real and active members for Telegram channels. It’s the fastest way to get subscribers and boost your channel. You can get 1000 members within a day or even faster! Usually you pay for the result. If you want 1000 members, be sure that you will get all of them.

But be careful and don’t buy bots. Bots are great for numbers and are really cheap, but these are inactive members, who won’t be engaged with your channel…. And with the time you risk to lose all of them because Telegram deletes fake users. It doesn’t happen if you buy real members from a trusted company.



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