To apply for primary schools internship the posts, online, one has to follow the following procedure.


  1. Visit the TSC Website by using the link; or
  2. From the Menu, select Careers followed by Teachers/ Secretariat. Next, click on ‘Apply for Teachers Internship Position.’
  3. In the screen displayed, Type in the TSC No, ID number and mobile and choose your selection either primary or secondary by clicking the drop down menu as shown below and click ok.
  4. An SMS from TSC will be sent to your line. Type in the sms code and click ‘OK’
  5. In the displayed, Click on Apply/view. Fill in your details, correctly.
  6. Next, Choose the Ref from the drop down and fill the other details not auto filled and click ok. Click ‘YES’ on the next screen.
  7. A screen will then be displayed showing the list of applications done by applicants.
    NOTE: The teacher can make several application in different counties/sub counties.


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