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ByJuma Chai

Sep 28, 2019

senti loan is a new instant loan app in kenya. here is how one can apply for aloan from the platform.

• Download the Senti app
• Register your correct details on the Senti mobile app
• Verify your details with the One time password sent to you
• Apply for a loan and get fast cash sent directly to your M-Pesa

Do you know of our Friendly Loan terms?

• 14-day and 30-day loan options let you choose what’s right for you
• 14-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 10-15%*
• 30-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 15%*
• Grow with Senti and build your limit up to KSh 40,000 by making your re-payments in good time

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How do I repay my loan?

• Repay your loan through the App by Clicking Pay loan and enter your M-pesa Pin on the M-pesa tool kit that will appear on your screen or through our Paybill 517910 enter your phone number as the account number and the amount that is due on the amount section.
• You can pay in full or make partial payments, anytime on or before your due date

more features are:

• You can Buy Airtime straight from your Senti App
• You can now Lipa Stima or your water Bill with your Senti Loan
• Track your income vs your spending with our wealth management feature
• Share Senti with your friends and family to help them sort their Financial Emergencies

you can download the app apk by clicking here.

Juma Chai

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