The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has released details of the 2020 Grade 4 assessments that will form 20 percent of the final Grade 6 mark under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

KNEC Chief Executive Officer Mercy Karogo said the council will upload Grade 4 age-based and intermediate level stage-based assessment tools by March 7 for schools to use and access.

Karogo called on schools to download and administer the assessment tools, scores and upload the results of Grade 4 learners on the Council’s CBC assessment portal between March 8 and 19.

“Materials required for performing the assessment tasks should be improvised as much as possible within the immediate school environment,” Karogo said in a statement issued onTuesday.

She said that learners, who were in Grade 4 last year, will not be assessed in indigenous and foreign languages and urged schools to await guidelines and implementation of the same.

The KNEC boss pointed out that each learner in the database will be issued with an assessment number, automatically generated by the Council ICT system.

The number will be used to identify the learners during future assessments.

“Schools will be expected to inform parents and learners of their assessment numbers which will be used throughout their basic education cycle for KNEC assessment,” she said.


To access the assessment portal, head–teachers are expected to:

  1.  Visit the KNEC website and click on the link ‘‘.
  2.  Log in using the KNEC School Code as the Username and the Password used during MLP Grade 3 registration and click ‘grade four‘.

Schools are expected to download and administer the assessment tools; score; and upload the Grade 4 learners‘ assessment scores on the KNEC Competency Based Assessment portal ( between 8th and 19th March 2021

SCHOOL HEADS  are requested to keep all records generated from the assessment as evidence for use in quality assurance.

It should be noted that for the 2020 Grade 4 cohort, School Based Assessment (SBA) will constitute 20% of the Formative Assessment.

However, going forward, from the 2021 Grade 4 cohort:

  • Teachers will develop and administer Classroom Assessment (CA) and keep a progress record of the learner‘s performance in all subjects. Teachers will then upload the CA scores on the KNEC portal as shall be guided. This will account for 10%.
  • Examination council will develop the SBA tools and upload them online for teachers to use. Schools will download, administer and score the SBA tools. Teachers will then upload the SBA scores on the KNEC portal as shall be guided. This will account for 10%.
  • Grade 4 Formative Assessment (20%) will comprise CA (10%) and SBA (10%).



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