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ByJuma Chai

Sep 20, 2019

5. Tanzania

  • Monthly Salary: $7,266

The 356 MPs in Tanzania’s parliament earn an average salary of $7,266 ($87,192 per year). They are also entitled to a $40,000 car allowance, and a host of other benefits including a daily sitting allowance and an additional monthly allowance.

It’s quite funny how they live fancy lives when the government cannot raise enough local revenue to sustain their lifestyles. What’s even worse is that an average worker subsists on less than $140 per month.

4. Uganda

  • Monthly Salary: $8,715

Did you know that Uganda’s parliament has 432 members of parliament? I’m not kidding. Why are they so many in such a small country? It gets worse with them being entitled to a $56,000 car allowance and a $1,250 subsistence allowance. Their salaries alone cost Ugandan taxpayers $3.7 million every month.

You know if you are going to get paid such a ludicrous amount of money, the least you can do is make Uganda a better country than it is right now.

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3. Kenya

  • Monthly Salary: $13,740

Kenya’s situation is quite interesting. Not only do they have to pay MPs, but they also have to pay Members of the County Assembly, Women Representatives, Senators, and Governors. Paying the 349 MPs every month translates to a wage bill of about $5.5 million per month or $60 million per year.

They also enjoy a string of allowances and a $48,000 car grant. Remember that we are only talking about MPs; what if we include all the other positions including that of the president? Unfortunately, the taxpayer who lives on an average salary of $150 is the one who will finance for all these expenses.

2. Nigeria

  • Monthly Salary: $15,800

Despite it being the largest economy in Africa, the vast majority of people live below the poverty line with an average wage of less than $80. Meanwhile, the 360 MPs in parliament cost the taxpayers $7.5 million every month ($90 million every year). They are also entitled to a raft of non-taxable allowances in excess of $ 60,000.

1. South Africa

  • Monthly Salary: $16,243

Having 400 elected National Assembly members and 90 National Council of Province members translates to a monthly wage bill of about $7.8 million ($94 million per year). They also receive a number of benefits including accomodation and travel allowance, ICT allowance (what??) and a fully equipped office.

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