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Google-Fi what Africa Needs

ByJuma Chai

Nov 29, 2018

Let me firsT AND foremost answer the question, what is Google-Fi.? Google-fi is a cross network simcard. The card switches automatically between networks alowing you to use the most Powerful signal strength. The cost across all networks is flat with a monthly subscription of $20 for unlimited calls and SMS.

In Africa we have so many networks providers with other countries boasting more than 5. The cross network calls are becoming more expensive due to cut throught competition among these providers.
It is hard for customers to stick to one service provider since

  • Africa is vast and remote. No single network provider has been able to provide coverage through out.
  • Network services vary across the network s and people would use other networks for mobile money while prefering others for calls and messages.
  • Different family members, friends and business associates use different network provides

It would therefore be good if Google-fi was introduced to Africa. Some of the benefits of this platform are

  • Cheap data.
  • Fast internet
  • Cheap calls
  • No downtimes
  • Flat rates
  • No roaming when you travel.

SIMPLIFIED billing with no hidden fees or overages.

Google Fi is focused on simplified billing. You pay $20 per month for unlimited talk and texting, and a flat rate of $10 per gigabyte of data used after that. At least, until you hit 6GB ($60) of usage for the month. Then you hit a level called “Bill Protection” — effectively an unlimited plan tier for Fi. Once you’ve used 6GB of data in a month, your data charge is capped at $60 for the rest of the month, but you continue to get data service. You can use as much data as you want for the month without paying over $80 total ($20 base + $60 data). The only caveat here is that once you hit 15GB of total data usage, your speeds are slowed to 256kbps — alternatively, at the 15GB point you can choose to start paying $10 per GB again for full-speed data if needed.

The huge benefit here is that you don’t have to pay for an “unlimited” plan every month — it’s simply there if you use beyond 6GB of data in a month. All other months when you use less than 6GB of data your bill will be less than $80, dependent on your usage. Bill Protection applies to international data usage the same as home usage, which is a massive benefit for frequent travelers.

You can also set up a “Group Plan” on Google Fi for up to six people to share a single account and billing source. With a Group Plan, all of the same features of an individual plan apply, but you save $5 per person per month on the base plan charge. Billing is handled centrally by the account owner, along with data limitations for each user (if needed) — Bill Protection data usage limits are also handled on a per-person basis. Google Fi charges the group owner for everyone’s bill collectively, but can also facilitate payments back to the account admin from each member to pay their share. Individuals can come and go from a Group Plan as they wish, without any contract

It is now available for Android and iOS platform. This is the future that Africa needs.

Juma Chai

A writer dedicated to providing the world with the best insights into Africa.

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