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EXPRESS MONEY.contact number, exchange rate , agent registration ,international money express

ByJuma Chai

Nov 10, 2019


  1. visit your nearest express money agent or express money partner location
  2. fill in the receiver details
  3. pay in cash
  4. collect the receipt and special 16 digit Xpin.
  5. your money is sent and can be recieved within seconds.


  1. the sender gives you the 16 digit Xpin
  2. visit the nearest express money patner location.
  3. provide your valid ID and the 16 digit Xpin.
  4. you collect the cash


EXPRESS MONEY has a calculator that helps you find the current exchange rate and the transaction fee applicable to the amount you want to transfer. It will also lets you know how much your beneficiary will receive in his/her local currency. check rates here


you can look for the closest express money location here.



Please find the closest Xpress Money location here

Send  an e-mail: customer.relations@xpressmoney.com



Juma Chai

A writer dedicated to providing the world with the best insights into Africa.

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