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Eight isolated in Homa Bay County


May 12, 2020

Eight people who sneaked out of the country to Tanzania have been put under compulsory quarantine in Homa Bay County.

The eight residents of Suba Sub-county who were arrested on Sunday have been quarantined at Homa Bay KMTC and will have their samples taken for testing of Covid-19.  Seven of them sneaked out of the country last week to attend a funeral of a relative in Tanzania. They include six members of the same family from Pudo village in Kiabuya Sub-location and a motorcyclist who carried them.

The eighth person had travelled on personal business.Health and security officers rounded up the eight after residents reported about their recent travel.Suba Deputy County Commissioner Joseph Maina said all eight failed to report to their local chiefs about their travel history.Meanwhile, health and security officers are looking for another family believed to have sneaked into the country from Tanzania.

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