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ByJuma Chai

Nov 27, 2018

Travelling cheap in new areas is not easy. If you are planning to visit an African country? then these are the things you need to know about traveling. Africa is vast. in fact USA can fit more than 3 times into the Sahara alone. It is not easy to trave cheap in these vast landscapes. In Africa cheap travel needs knowledge of the transport system since traveling can be a lot more expensive than we think. Here are the best hacks for travelling cheap in Africa.


public transport is 100 times better than private transport. in Africa these transport system has a culture instilled in it. it is their way of life. for example Matatus in Kenya are fun to travel with.


Do not think Cabs or Taxis when you visit Africa. think motorcycle or Tuk-tuk. these modes of transport are very flexible.  the are the most widely used mode of transport in Africa.  Some countries like Rwanda have even come up with apps(SafeMotos) to take care of the market gap left by UBER.


bicycles are a cost effective way to move around, they don’t need fuel nor high maintenance. for someone who wants to move around African cities or just visit other remote places in Africa, bicycles can be the best option. some advantages of bicycles are;

  • they are flexible and can pass through small paths which make a big part of the African countryside.
  • they are environmentally friendly.
  • readily available.
  • cheap to maintain.

there are numerous ways one can get bicycles in Africa such as hire for as low as $5 per day and purchasing for as low as $50.


the best thing about getting a train in Africa is that you will get to enjoy the countryside. most trains pass through remote areas of Africa which will give you a chance to observe great land scape and wildlife. one example is the Madaraka Train in Kenya. this train serves between the port City of Mombasa and The capital Nairobi. the price by bus is $20 and by air as much as $85 while the train is only $7. one even gets to pass through the famous Tsavo National park home to the Ali the elephant with the biggest Tusks and the bridge which is historically associated with the Man eaters of Tsavo.


a big part of Africa is covers in desert. it is easier to navigate these landscapes on camel backs rather than automobiles.



some towns in Africa are separated by large water bodies. it is easier to cross these bodies by canoes or ferries.  in Mombasa the path joining Mombasa Island and Diani beach is long when one uses a bridge and one must take a bus for about $5. but using a ferry to cross the channel of water separating the two is just free.


you can drop all that and choose the old fashioned way of walking. its healthy and Fun.


Juma Chai

A writer dedicated to providing the world with the best insights into Africa.


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