There has been a change in the opening dates for pwani university continuing students and the reporting of first years.. this has been communicated on their website through the following circular.

Following the planned country wide CENSUS exercise, all students are hereby informed that the opening dates have been rescheduled as follows:
1. ALL First Years will report for commencement of their studies on 2nd September 2019
2. Supplementary Examinations will be administered from 2nd September 2019
3. Continuing students will report for their studies on 9th September 2019.
4. End of First Semester Examinations will be administered from 9th — 20th December 2019.

Pwani University Academic Year begins in September; therefore, reporting and registration date for first years is 2nd September 2019.
All 2019/2020 first year students should access their admission letters online through this link:
from 6th May 2019. Also visit KUCCPS joining instructions which needs to be filled and MUST be returned on the reporting day.


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