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Mar 11, 2021

For the past two weeks comrades have been speaking all over the social media through memes on what they really face in campus. But this have been viewed differently by the society for the narrative has been ”University is a place to enjoy”.

What really do these comrades enjoy?. We were lucky to meet Husna, a third year Pwani University Student. She said ‘We only enjoy the freedom of living without supervision unlike high school where you ran on seeing the teacher, you are canned, you wear uniforms and rationed meals. That’s what we only enjoy! The sad truth is real life is hard to an extent that, you can starve the whole and thank God for giving you a cup of water and one KDF’.

But why is this in every campus? According to our research we realized that all business done along campuses and where comrades live are extremely expensive. You buy everything at an expensive price and according to Husna all markets can close or shut down if campuses are shut down.

This is an urgent call not only to parents but also the government that comrades need an immediate rescue by supporting them. Government should intervene as soon as possible or else in future high school students  will be discouraged from joining universities for it will be like jumping from the fire to a frying pan.

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