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ByJuma Chai

Mar 22, 2021

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has announced that it will reorganize placement of heads and deputies in mixed schools. This move will see to it that gender mainstreaming and equity is achieved.

“To promote gender mainstreaming and equity, TSC is reorganizing placement of heads and deputies in mixed schools to ensure that they are not of the same gender. This move is expected to foster a gender inclusive learning environment in public schools,” read a statement from the commission in a tweet.

This is among a raft of measures taken by the Commission to conform to the requirements of the Constitution on inclusiveness, equity, equality, non- discrimination and affirmative action.

The move comes a week after the International Women’s Day when Dr Nancy Macharia said that the Commission has put measures in place to ensure that it conforms with the constitution on the inclusion of both genders in leadership positions.

This will undoubtedly foster a gender inclusive learning environment in public schools.

Most teachers have warmly welcomed the move.

“I totally agree with this. For long Women have been sidelined in leadership by TSC KENYA especially in primary schools,” stated Cindy Awour.

Shadrack Mwangi in a facebook comment noted that this move was long overdue. He also urged the commission to extend this to top offices in the counties.

He said: “I thought this was obvious. If it wasn’t being done then someone has been sleeping on the job. We should also never have CSO, Sub county director, countyDirector of the same sex.”


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