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9 African Countries with Direct Flights to USA

ByJuma Chai

Oct 29, 2018

Having a direct flight to USA is not only opening a country to the world but also unlocking myriads of opportunities.

Direct flights provide a seamless experience for business and leisure travellers alike. It also allow the world to taste country’s diverse cultures and hospitality.

Another jaw dropping fact about direct flight to US is reduction of travelling time. For example, when travelling from a country like Kenya to US, a distance of 13,713km between Nairobi and New York, a normal flight takes up to 22 hours but with a direct flight one takes only 15 hours.

This amazingly shortens the journey by about 7 hours.

List of African Countries with direct flight to US

1. Senegal

2. Ghana

3. South Africa

4. Ethiopia

5. Egypt

6. Morocco

7. Nigeria

8. Cape Verde

9. Kenya

Juma Chai

A writer dedicated to providing the world with the best insights into Africa.

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