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Kenya reports highest number of recoveries as cases rise to 396


Apr 30, 2020

Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Rashid Aman announced on Thursday that the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Kenya had risen to 396.

Giving the ministry’s daily update on new infections following the testing of 777 new samples, Dr Aman said 12 more people had tested positive for the coronavirus.

He said seven were in Mombasa, three in Nairobi, one in Kitui and one in Wajir.

The ministry further announced that two more patients had died, raising Kenya’s death toll to 17.

Dr Aman further noted that 15 patients had been discharged – Kenya’s highest number of recoveries in 24 hours – and that this raised the total number of discharged patients to 144.


The case in Wajir was its first since Kenya confirmed its first case of Covid-19 on March 13.

On Monday, Wajir County Commissioner Jacob Narengo said thatĀ four people intercepted at Kenya’s border with Somalia would be monitoredĀ at a local isolation centre.

Mr Narengo noted that they were quarantined as a precaution, especially since Kenya barred travel as a measure against the spread of the virus.

He also noted the surge in cases of the virus in Somalia, describing it as a wake-up call for the public, but said there was not yet a cause for alarm in Wajir.

A tally by Worldometer showed that Somalia had a total of 582 confirmed cases of Covid-19 by Thursday and a total of 28 deaths.


In Africa, the coronavirus had infected at least 38,263 and killed over 1,595, according to Worldometer’s count on April 30.

Since the first case was reported in Wuhan, China, on December 31, 2019, at least 3,234,915 people worldwide had been infected by April 30.

The total number of deaths worldwide was 228,598 and that of recoveries at 1,009,290.

The number of active cases stood at 1,997,027, with three per cent or 59,776 of them being critical and the rest mild.

Worldometer’s count showed that the number of closed cases was 1,237,888, with 82 per cent or 1,009,290 being the number of recoveries or those discharged.

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