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Why you should invest in Nakuru now.

ByJuma Chai

Nov 29, 2018
Nakuru town is Kenya’s fourth largest city. With the growth rate seen in other Kenyan cities, Nakuru is set to grow exponentially within the next 10 years.

It is easier to start a business in Nakuru city as compared to any other town in Kenya. According to IEA Nakuru had an overall score of 89 in the ease to do business, which is pretty huge as compared to other towns.

burden of tax

Nakuru town reduces the burden on Tax which provides an enabling environment for investors.

Nakuru city has the most friendly tax regime in Kenya. It is able to give sufficient information on Local levies and Taxes..

S compared to other major towns in Kenya, The levies for parking (Sh100 for salon cars), and Sh4,000 charged for an annual single business permit for general merchant, according to Finance Act 2015, are the lowest


Nakuru City is equipped with various institutions that provide education to its residence. There is Egerton University a source of constant skilled manpower to the town. Other technical institutions and colleges are also available in the town.

Availability of water

Water reliability also saw Nakuru top. The county has water availability 17 hours a day. For other major towns, water supply was below 70 per cent.

On transport

Nakuru does not have a major airport yet. It however has access to good roads and the Kenya Uganda railway line which is currently being upgraded to a standard gauge railway line.

Juma Chai

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