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ByJuma Chai

Mar 23, 2021


County Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
Mvita Coast General Teaching and Referal Hospital 11289 Public
Changamwe Port Reitz Hospital 11740 Public
Mvita Tudor Sub County Hospital 11861 Public
Mombasa Likoni Likoni Sub County Hospital 11522 Public
Mvita Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa 11203 Private
Mvita Mombasa Hospital 11643 Private
Mvita Pandya Memorial Hospital 11734 Private
Kisauni Jocham Hospital 11434 Private
Nyali Premiere Hospital 24022 Private
Msambweni Msambweni CRH 11655 Public
Matuga Kwale Sub County Hospital 11507 Public
Kwale Kinango Kinango Sub County Hospital 11480 Public
Lungalunga Lungalunga Sub County Hospital 11526 Public
Kinango Samburu Sub County Hospital 11768 Public
Msambweni Diani Beach Hospital 25357 Private
Msambweni Kinondo Hospital 16547 Private
Kilifi north Kilifi county hospital 11474 Public
Malindi Malindi sub county hospital 11555 Public
Kaloleni Mariakani sub county hospital 11566 Public
Ganze Bamba sub county hospital 11237 Public
Kaloleni Jibana sub county hospital 11432 Public
Kilifi Malindi Tawfiq hospital 11843 Private
Magarini Meridian hospital 11381 Private
Malindi Star hospital 11829 Private
Magarini Afya hospital 21925 Private
Rabai Josmori hospital 25266 Private
Kaloleni Mariakani military hopsital 11225 Military
Kilifi south Swiss hospital 19023 Private
Kilifi north Watamu hospital 11897 Private
Tana River Galole Hola County Referral hospital 11411 Public
Tana Delta Ngao Sub county hospital 11711 Public
Tana north Bura Sub County hospita 11264 Public
Lamu Lamu West Lamu Refferal Hospital 11512 Public
Lamu West Faza Sub County Hospital 11373 Public
Lamu East Mpeketoni Sub County Hospital 11649 Public
Voi Moi County Refferal Hospital 11641 Public
Mwatate Mwatate Sub County Hospital 11695 Public
Taita Taveta Wundanyi Wesu Sub County Hospital 11906 Public
Taveta Taveta Sub County Hospital 11840 Public
Voi St Joseph Shelter of Hope 11817 FBO
Voi River Jordan Medical Centre 22279 Private
Dadaab Dadaab Sub-County Hospital 13316 Public
Balambala Balambala Sub-District Hospital 13298 Public
Ijara Ijara District Hospital – Masalani 13406 Public
Lagdera Modogashe Sub-County Hospital 13411 Public
Fafi Bura District Hospital 13339 Public
Garissa Hulugho Hulugho Sub County Hospital 13365 Public
Garissa Iftin Sub-District Hospital 13369 Public
Garissa Garissa County Referral Hospital 13346 Public
Dadaab- Ifo Camp Ifo Hospital 13368 NGO
Dadaab- Dagahaley Cam MSF Dagahaley Main Hospital 13318 NGO
Fafi- Hagadera Camp Hagadera Hospital 13359 NGO
Garissa Medina Hospital 19037 Private
Eldas Eldas Sub County Hospital 13333 Public
Tarbaj Tarbaj Sub County Hospital 13446 Public
Wajir Wajir East Wajir County Referral Hoaspital 13452 Public
Wajir North Bute Sub County Hospital 13314 Public
Wajir South Habaswein Sub County Hospital 13357 Public
Wajir West Griftu Sub County Hospital 13352 Public
Mandera East Mnadera County Referral Hospital 13402 Public
Mandera North Mandera North Subcounty Hospital 13423 Public
Mandera Mandera West Mandera West Sub county Hospital 13445 Public
Lafey Lafey sub county Hospital 13392 Public
Mandera South Mandera Central Sub County Hospital 13335 Public
Banissa Banissa Sub county Hospital 16811 Public
Kotulo Kutulo Sub county Hospital 13388 Public
Laisamis Laisamis Sub county Referral Hospital(Marsabit 18856 Public


  1. Marsabit
  2. Isiolo
  3. Meru
  4. Tharaka Nithi
  5. Embu
  6. Kitui
  7. Machakos
Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
Moyale Moyale Sub county Referral Hospital 12544 Public
Saku Marsabit County Referral Hospital 12472 Public
North Horr Kalacha Sub County Referral Hospital (Chalbi) 12142 Public
Laisamis Catholic Hospital Laisamis 16215 FBO
Saku Ismc Hospital 12066 Private
Moyale Sololo Mission Hospital 12739 FBO
Isiolo Isiolo County Referral Hospital 12094 Public
Garbatulla Garbatulla Sub County Hospital 12029 Public
Merti Merti Sub County Hospital 12514 Public
Imenti South Mikumbune Sub-District Hospital 12526 Public
Tigania East Muthara Sub-District Hospital 12591 Public
Imenti Central Cottolengo Mission Hospital 11977 FBO
Igembe South Nyambene District Hospital 12684 Public
Tigania East Mikinduri Sub-District Hospial 12525 Public
Imenti South Consolata Mission Hospital (Nkubu) 11976 FBO
Imenti Central Githongo District Hospital 12041 Public
Imenti North Giaki Sub-District Hospital 12036 Public
Igembe Central Kangeta Heaith Centre 12174 Public
Imenti South Kanyakine District Hospital 12181 Public
Buuri St Theresa Hospital (Kiirua) 12303 FBO
Imenti South Kinoro Sub-District Hospital 12325 Public
Tigania West Mbeu Sub-District Hospital 12500 Public
Igembe South Maua Methodist Hospital 12492 FBO
Igembe North Mutuati Sub-County Hospital 12605 Public
Imenti South St Ann Hospital 12743 FBO
Buuri Timau Sub-County Hospital 12802 Public
Tigania East St John of God Hospital Tigania 12799 FBO
Tigania West Miathene District Hospital 16234 Public
Chuka Chuka county referral hospital 11973 public
Mwimbi PCEA Chogoria hospital 12445 FBO
Mwimbi Magutuni sub-county hospital 11970 Public
Tharaka south Tharaka subcounty hospital 12795 public
Igambang’ombe Komarock Mordern hospital 26971 Private
Tharaka south Kibung’a hospital 23887 public
Tharaka North Gatunga hospital 18080 Public
Tharaka south st Orsola Hospital 12769 FBO
Manyatta Embu level 5 hospital 12004 Public
Runyejes Runyejes level 4 hospital 12719 Public
Mbeere north Mbeere level 4 hospital 16467 Public
Mbeere north Ishiara level 4 hospital 16464 Public
Manyatta Embu childrens hospital tenri 12790 Private
Runyejes Consolata kyeni mission hospital 12413 FBO
Kitui Central Neema Hospital Ltd. Annex 24171 Private
Kitui Central The Kitui Family Care Hospital 24092 Private
Kitui East Zombe Sub County Hospital 23030 Public
Kitui Central Katulani Sub County Hospital (Kitui) 16991 Public
Kitui South Mutomo Sub County Hospital 12603 Public
Kitui East Mutitu Sub County Hospital 12601 Public
Kitui West Muthale Mission Hospital 12587 FBO
Mwingi West Migwani Sub County Hospital 12523 Public
Kitui Central Kitui County Referral Hospital 12366 Public
Kitui Central Jordan Hospital 12110 Private
Kitui South Our Lady of Lourdes Mutomo Hospital 12604 FBO
Kitui West Kauwi Sub County Hospital 12255 Public
Kitui South Ikanga Sub County Hospital 12077 Public
Kitui South Ikutha Sub County Hospital 12080 Public
Mwingi North Kyuso Sub County Hospital 12420 Public
Mwingi Central Mwingi Sub County Hospital 12626 Public
Kitui Rural Kanyangi Sub County Hospital 12184 Public
Kitui Central Neema Hospital 12641 Private
Mwingi North Tseikuru Sub County Hospital 12805 Public
Mwingi Central Nuu Sub County Hospital 12681 Public
Mwala Mwala Level 4 12618 Public
Kathiani Kathiani Level 4 12230 Public
Kalama Muuma Andu Level 4 12612 Public
Mavoko Athi River Level 4 11936 Public
Kangundo Kangundo Level 4 12177 Public
Yatta Matuu Level 4 12488 Public
Masina Masinga Level 4 12476 Public
Matungulu Nguluni Level 4 12657 Public


County Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
138 Machakos Mutuini Level 4 12602 Public
139 Makueni Mutyambua Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12610 Public
140 Kaiti Mukuyuni Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12565 Public
141 Mbooni Tawa Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12787 Public
142 Makueni Matiliku Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12485 Public
143 Kibwezi West Makindu Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12455 Public
144 Mbooni Mbooni Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12508 Public
145 Mbooni Kisau Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12341 Public
146 Kilome Sultan Hamud Subcounty Hospital (Level IV) 12777 Public
147 Makueni Makueni Makueni County Referral Hospital (Level V) 12457 Public
148 Kibwezi East Kibwezi Subcounty Hospital (IV) 12291 Public
149 Kibwezi East Kambu Subcounty Hospital (IV) 18596 Public
150 Kibwezi East Mtito Andei Subcounty Hospital (IV) 12547 Public
151 Kaiti Kilungu Subcounty Hospital (IV) 12314 Public
152 Kiati Kikoko Mission Hospital (IV) 12306 FBO
153 Makueni Ralpha Hospital 21676 Private
154 Makueni Royal Star Hospital 25386 Private
155 Makueni Ponya Hospital 18140 Private
156 Kibwezi West Kilome Nursing Home 12313 Private
157 Kibwezi West Mulatya Memorial Hospital 19320 Private
158 Olkalau JM Kariuki County Referral Hospital 10916 Public
159 Nyandarua Kinangop Engineer County Hospital 10171 Public
160 Kinangop North Kinangop Catholic Hospital 10887 FBO
161 Olkalau The Pine Hospital 26053 Private
162 Kinangop Pinnacle Flyover Hospital 20629 Public
163 Nyeri Nyeri-central NYERI COUNTY REFERRAL HOSPITAL 10903 Public
164 Nyeri-South KNH ANNEX 25045 Public
165 Nyeri-central MT.KENYA HOSPITAL 10739 Public
166 Kirinyaga central Kerugoya county referral hospital 10520 Public
167 Kirinyaga north Our lady of roudes mwea mission hospital 10808 FBO
168 Kirinyaga south Kimbimbi sub county hospital 10609 Public
169 Kirinyaga Kirinyaga west Sagana sub county hospital 10994 Public
170 Kirinyaga east kianyaga sub county hospital 10565 Public
171 Kirinyaga central ACK mt. Kenya hospital 10738 FBO
172 Kirinyaga central Kerugoya medical centre 10522 Private
173 Kirinyaga south Mwea medical centre 10806 Private
174 Kiharu Murang’a County Referral Hospital 10777 Public
175 Kiharu Muriranjas Sub County Hospital 10782 Public
176 Kiharu Family Heritage Hospital 22005 Private
177 Kangema Kangema Sub County Hospital 10470 Public
178 Murang’a South Maragua Sub County Hospital 10686 Public
179 Muranga Murang’a South Kenol Hospital 10512 Private
180 Gatanga Kirwara Sub County Hospital 10639 Public
181 Kandara Kandara Sub County Hospital 10459 Public
182 Kandara Githumu Hospital 10267 FBO
183 Kandara Gaichanjiru Hospital 10199 FBO
184 Kigumo Kigumo Sub County Hospital 10588 Public
185 Mathioya Kiria-Ini Mission Hospital 10627 FBO
186 Kikuyu ACK Emmanuel Mission Hospital 24590 FBO
187 Juja Oasis Mission Hospital 22542 FBO
188 Githunguri Holy family catholic hospital githunguri 19963 FBO
189 Ruiru Kalimoni Hospital (Ruiru) 18200 FBO
190 Ruiru Neema Hospital (Ruiru) 18061 FBO
191 Ruiru Nazareth Hospital (Ruiru) 17490 FBO
192 Lari Cure (AIC) International Hospital 17397 FBO
193 Juja Kalimoni Mission Hospital (Juja) 10438 FBO
194 Thika Town Mary Help of The Sick Hospital 10698 FBO
195 Kikuyu Kikuyu (PCEA) Hospital 10603 FBO
196 Limuru Nazareth Hospital 10825 FBO
197 Thika Town St Mulumba Mission Hospital 10765 FBO
198 Lari Kijabe (AIC) Hospital 10602 FBO
199 Lari Immaculate Heart Hospital Kereita 10518 FBO
200 Thika Town Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital 10349 FBO
201 Kabete Wangige Sub County Hospital 11170 Public
202 Kabete Nyathuna Level 4 Hospital 10895 Public
203 Juja Jkuat Hospital 10378 Public
204 Kiambaa Kihara Sub County Hospital 10591 Public
205 Gatundu North Igegania Sub-District Hospital 10338 Public
206 Gatundu South Gatundu District Hospital 10233 Public
207 Lari Lari Hospital 10655 Public


County Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
Thika Town Thika Level 5 Hospital 11094 Public
Limuru Tigoni District Hospital 11104 Public
Ruiru Ruiru Sub-County Hospital 10973 Public
Kiambu Town Kiambu County Referal Hospital 10539 Public
Kiambu Kiambaa Karuri Level 4 Hospital 10507 Public
Kikuyu Lusigetti Sub-county Hospital 10666 Public
Githunguri Kigumo Level 4 hospital 10587 Public
Kabete Life Point Hospital 25364 Private
Kikuyu Oakwood Hospital 25503 Private
Thika Town Thika Nursing Hospital 24150 Private
Limuru St Joel Community Hospital 23966 Private
Gatundu North Wendo Hospital Gatukuyu 23904 Private
Kiambu Town St.Marys Mother & Child Hospital (Kiambu Tow 23542 Private
Kabete Kabete Gardens Hospital 23297 Private
Ruiru Arise Hospital Limited 23031 Private
Juja Juja Modern Hospital & Maternity 22321 Private
Thika Town Caritas community hospital 22054 Private
Thika Town Avenue Hospital Thika 20628 Private
Kiambu Town Radiant Group of Hospital (Kiambu) 20383 Private
Kiambu Town St.Teresa Hospital Kiambu 20378 Private
Kiambu Town St Marks Hospital 19655 Private
Gatundu South St Judes Nursing Home Hospital 19603 Private
Kiambu Town Mercylight Hospital 18597 Private
Thika Town Central Memorial Hospital 10083 Private
Thika Town Naidu Hospital 10819 Private
Ruiru Kahawa Wendani Hospital 10308 Private
Ruiru Eddiana Hospital 10162 Private
Thika Town Vineyard Hospital 10154 Private
Ruiru Ruiru Hospital Limited 10974 Private
Thika Town Mt Sinai Nursing Home 10740 Private
Thika Town Caritas community hospital (Township) 10088 Private
Thika Town Thika Nursing Home 11097 Private
Turkana Central Lodwar County Referral Hospital 15049 Public
Turkana West Lopiding sub county Hospital 15081 Public
Turkana North Lokitaung sub county Hospital 15062 Public
Turkana East Kapedo sub county Hospital 14699 Public
Loima Kakuma sub county Hospital 25423 Public
Turkana Central Lorugum sub county Hospital 20826 Public
Turkana Turkana South Kanamkemer sub county Hospital 25423 Public
Turkana South Katilu sub county Hospital 14818 Public
Turkana East Lokichar sub county Hospital 21345 Public
Turkana East Lokori sub county Hospital 21316 Public
Turkana East Elelea sub county Hospital 14436 Public
Kibish Kaikor sub county Hospital 14643 Public
Turkana west Kakuma Mission Hospital 14655 FBO
Turkana west Ammusait General Hospital 25412 NGO
West pokot Kapenguria county referral hospital 14701 Public
West pokot Pokot central Sigor sub couunty hospital 15564 Public
Pokot south Chepareria sub county hospital 14330 Public
Pokot north Kacheliba sub county hospital 14634 Public
Pokot south Ortum mission hospital 15446 FBO
Samburu Samburu Central Samburu County Referral Hospital 15126 Public
Kiminini kitale county hospital 14947 public
Kiminini mt elgon hospital 15239 public
Kwanza kwanza sub county hospital 15003 public
Trans Nzoia Endebess endebess sub county hospital 14455 public
Kiminini matunda sub county hospital 16364 public
Cherengany cherangany sub county hospital 16743 public
Cherengany kapsara sub county hospital 15377 public
Saboti saboti sub county hospital 14119 public
Kapseret Kapteldon Sub county Hospital 14779 Public
Kesses Kesses Sub County Hospital 14841 Public
Soy Ziwa Sub County Hospital 15788 Public
Ainabkoi Burnt Forest Sub County Hospital 16347 Public
Turbo Turbo Sub County Hospital 15753 Public
Uasin Gishu Moiben Moiben Sub County Hospital 15206 Public
Moiben Uasin gishu district Hospital 15758 Public
Turbo Huruma Sub County Hospital 14555 Public
Ainabkoi Mediheal Hospital-Eldoret 15167 Private
Ainabkoi Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital Public
Ainabkoi Eldoret Hospital 14435 Private


County Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
279 Turbo Moi Barracks-Eldoret Military
280 Elgeyo Marak Keiyo North Iten County Referral Hospital 14586 Public
281 Emgwen Kapsabet county referral hospital 14749 Public
282 Nandi Hills Nandi Hills County hospital 14179 Public
283 Nandi Aldai Kaptumo sub county hospital 14792 Public
284 Tinderet Meteitei sub county hospital 15181 Public
285 Mosop Kabiyet sub county hospital 14623 Public
286 Mosop Chepterwai sub county hospital 14369 Public
287 Tinderet Mosoriot sub county hospital 15229 Public
288 Baringo Central Kabarnet Bliss Medical Center 23828 Private
289 Mogotio Mogotio Sub-County Hospital Baringo 20005 Public
290 Marigat Marigat Sub District Hospital 15138 Public
291 Baringo Koibatek Mercy Hospital 15174 FBO
292 Baringo Central Baringo County Refferal Hospital 14607 Public
293 Tiaty West Chemolingot District Hospital 14321 Public
294 Koibatek Eldama Ravine District Hospital 14432 Public
295 Baringo North Kabartonjo Referral Hospital 14609 Public
296 Tiaty East Tangulbei Sub county Hospital 15707 Public
297 Laikipia Laikipia East Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital 26822 Public
298 Laikipia West Nyahururu County Referral Hospital 10890 Public
299 Nakuru North Bahati District Hospital 14224 Public
300 Nakuru East Optimum Current Health Care Hospital 26526 Private
301 Nakuru West Mediheal Hospital (Nakuru) Annex 24929 Private
302 Rongai Soin sub county hospital 15200 Public
303 Gilgil St. Joseph RiftValley Hospital 25155 Private
304 Gilgil Gilgil Military Regional Hospital 14511 Armed Forces
305 Molo Elburgon Sub-District Hospital 14431 Public
306 Nakuru East Mirugi Kariuki Sub County Hospital 15188 Public
307 Nakuru East Bondeni Sub County Hospital 14265 Public
308 Nakuru East Mediheal Hospital Nakuru 18266 Private
309 Nakuru East Baraka Maternity Home 14230 Private
310 Naivasha Naivasha District Hospital 15280 Public
311 Subukia Kabazi Sub County Hospital 14611 Public
312 Nakuru East Nairobi Women hospital – Nakuru CBD 24173 Private
313 Subukia Subukia Sub County Hospital 15678 Public
314 Nakuru East Langa Langa Hospital 15009 Public
315 Nakuru Naivasha Polyclinic Hospital 15466 Private
316 Nakuru West Sunrise Evans Hospital 15686 Private
317 Nakuru West Nakuru Provincial General Hospital 15288 Public
318 Gilgil Gilgil Sub County Hospital 14510 Public
319 Kuresoi South Olenguruone Sub-District Hospital 15398 Public
320 Kuresoi South Keringet Sub County Hospital 14836 Public
321 Nakuru East Nakuru Nursing Home 15287 Private
322 Molo Molo District Hospital 15212 Public
323 Njoro Njoro Subcounty Hospital 15358 Public
324 Nakuru West Annex Hospital (Nakuru) 14207 Public
325 Nakuru West Nakuru War Memorial Hospital 15289 Private
326 Naivasha The Karen Hospital Limited(Naivasha) 23568 Private
327 Gilgil St Mary’s Hospital 15654 FBO
328 Njoro Egerton University 14426 Public
329 Nakuru East Nairobi Women’s Hospital 20061 Private
330 Nakuru East Valley Hospital 15764 Private
331 Nakuru West Alexandria Cancer Centre & Palliative care Hosp 22886 Private
332 Nakuru East Mercy Mission Hospital – Annex Nakuru 22859 FBO
333 Narok north Narok county Referal Hospital 15311 Public
334 Transmara West Lolgorian Sub District Hosp 15068 Public
335 Narok West Baraka Hospital 17757 NGO
336 Narok Narok North The Shepherd Hospital Limited 26997 NGO
337 Narok North Narok Cottage Hospital 20548 Private
338 Narok North Medicatia Hospital 18784 Private
339 Narok South Ololulunga District Hospital 15423 Public
340 Transmara West Transmara West Sub County Hospital 15739 Public
341 Transmara West St Joseph Hospital 15647 FBO
342 Kajiado Central Kajiado County Referral Hospital 14652 Public
343 Kajiado Kajiado South Loitokitok Sub-County Hospital 15051 Public
344 Kajiado East Kitengela Sub-County Hospital 14950 Public
345 Kajiado North Ngong Sub-County Hospital 15351 Public
346 Kajiado North Ongata Rongai Sub-County Hospital 15446 Public
347 Bureti Kapkatet Sub County Hospital 14706 Public
348 Bureti AIC Litein Hospital 14178 FBO


County Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
349 Bureti St. Gabriel Hospital 22153 Private
350 Bureti Roret Sub County Hospital 15498 Public
351 Sigowet/Soin Sigowet Sub County Hospiotal 15568 Public
352 Belgut Sosiot SCH 15617 Public
353 Ainamoi Kericho County Referral Hospital 14831 Public
354 Kericho Ainamoi Kericho Nursing Home 14834 Private
355 Ainamoi Siloam Hospital 15571 Private
356 Ainamoi St. Leonards Hospital 15649 Private
357 Ainamoi UTK Central Hospital 15761 Private
358 Ainamoi Green View Hospital 14538 Private
359 Kipkelion East Londiani Hospital 15074 Public
360 Kipkelion West Kipkelion Sub County Hospital 14897 Public
361 Kipkelion West Fort Ternan SCH 14501 Public
362 Ainamoi Kipchimchim Hospital 14890 FBO
363 Bomet Bomet East Longisa County referral Hospital 15077 Public
364 Lurambi Kakamega General and Referral Hospital 15915 Public
365 Likuyani Likuyani Sub County Hospital 15961 Public
366 Lugari Lumakanda County Hospital 15969 Public
367 Malava Malava County Hospital 15996 Public
368 Shinyalu Shinyalu Model Health Centre 17596 Public
369 Kakamega Ikolomani Iguhu County Hospital 15899 Public
370 Khwisero Khwiseo Health Centre 15940 Public
371 Butere Butere County Hospital 15836 Public
372 Matungu Matungu Sub County Hospital 16037 Public
373 Navakholo Navakholo Sub County Hospital 16078 Public
374 Mumias West Mumias West Sub County Hospital 25166 Public
375 Mumias East Shianda Health Centre 20194 Public
376 Hamisi Hamisi sub county hospital 15894 public
377 sabatia sabatia sub county hosp 16098 public
378 Vihiga Luanda Emuhaya subcounty hosp 15876 public
379 Hamisi kaimosi mission 15913 FBO
380 Luanda coptic mission hospital 15862 FBO
381 sabatia sabatia eye hospital 16097 FBO
382 Kanduyi Bungoma county referral hospital 15828 Public
383 Bumula Bumula subcounty hospital 15825 Public
384 Kimilili Kimilili subcounty hospital 15950 Public
385 Kabuchai Chwele subcounty hospital 15860 Public
386 Mt. Elgon Mt. Elgon subcounty hospital 16025 Public
387 Webuye East Sinoko subcounty hospital 16126 Public
388 Tongaren Naitiri sucounty hospital 16061 Public
389 Mt. Elgon Cheptais subcounty hospital 15855 Public
390 Sirisia Sirisia subcounty hospital 16130 Public
391 Bungoma Webuye West Bokoli subcounty hospital 15808 Public
392 Webuye West Webuye county hospital 16161 Public
393 Webuye West Lugulu misssion hospital 15965 FBO
394 Kanduyi St damiano mission hospital 16138 FBO
395 Kanduyi Elgon view hospital 15871 Private
396 Kanduyi Bungoma west hospital 20323 Private
397 Kanduyi Lifecare hospital 18852 Private
398 Kanduyi Fountain health care 22652 Private
399 Kimilili Korry family hospital 23738 Private
400 Kanduyi Khalaba medical centre 17881 Private
401 Kimilili Dreamland medical cenre 15864 FBO
402 Matayos Busia County Referral Hospital 15834 Public
403 Bunyala Port Victoria Sub County Hospital 16091 Public
404 Butula Khunyangu Sub County Hospital 15939 Public
405 Busia Nambale Nambale Sub County Hospital 16066 Public
406 Samia Sio Port Sub County Hospital 16128 Public
407 Samia Holly Family Nangina Mission Hospital 16073 FBO
408 Teso North Teso North Sub County Hospital 16150 Public
409 Teso South Alupe Sub County Hospital 15795 Public
410 Ugunja Ambira Sub-County Hospital 13476 Public
411 Bondo Bondo County Referral Hospital 13507 Public
412 Bondo Got Agulu Sub-District Hospital 13588 Public
413 Alego Usonga Rwambwa Sub-county Hospital 14063 Public
414 Alego Usonga Siaya County Referral Hospital 14080 Public
415 Rarieda Madiany Sub County Hospital 13747 Public
416 Ugunja Sigomere Sub County Hospital 14085 Public
417 Bondo Uyawi ACH 14165 Public
418 Ugenya Ukwala SCH 14156 Public


Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
Gem Yala SCH 14175 Public
Ugenya Matibabu Ukwala Clinic (Hospital ) 17529 NGO
Gem Sagam Community Hospital 14064 NGO
Ugenya Sega Cottage Hospital 14071 Private
Ugenya Sega Mission Hospital 14073 FBO
Alego Usonga Siaya Medical Centre 14081 Private
Rarieda St Elizabeth Lwak Mission Health Centre 13739 FBO
Alego Usonga Bama Hospital 13493 Private
Gem Dolphil Nursing & Maternity Home 13535 FBO
Gem Inuka Hospital & Maternity Home 13618 Private
Kisumu Central Migosi Sub County Hospital 13807 GOK
Kisumu Central Kisumu County Referral Hospital 13704 GOK
Kisumu Central Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral H 13939 GOK
Kisumu Central Lumumba Health Centre 13738 GOK
Kisumu East Gita Sub-county Hospital 13647 GOK
Kisumu West Nyahera Sub-County Hospital 13880 GOK
Kisumu West Chulaimbo County Hospital 13528 GOK
Kisumu West Ober Kamoth Sub county Hospital 13954 GOK
Kisumu West Ojola Sub County Hospital 13971 GOK
Seme Kombewa County Hospital 13714 GOK
Seme Miranga Sub District Hospital 13810 GOK
Seme Manyuanda Health Centre 13770 GOK
Muhoroni Muhoroni County Hospital 13831 GOK
Muhoroni Nyang’oma Sub County Hospital 13928 GOK
Muhoroni Masogo Sub County Hospital 13785 GOK
Nyakach Nyakach County Hospital 13921 GOK
Nyakach Katito Sub County Hospital 13657 GOK
Nyakach Sondu Sub County Hospital 14096 GOK
Nyakach Nyamarimba Sub County Hospital 13899 GOK
Nyando Ahero County Hospital 13468 GOK
Nyando Nyangande Sub-County Hospital 13923 GOK
Nyando Rabuor Sub-county Hospital 14020 GOK
Kisumu Central Avenue Hospital Kisumu 20123 Private
Kisumu Central Aga Khan Hospital (Kisumu) 13465 Private
Kisumu Central Nightingale Milimani Hospital 24317 Private
kisumu east St. Elizabeth chiga 14106 FBO
Kisumu West Maseno Mission 13781 FBO
Kisumu West St. Jairus 21766 Private
Kisumu West Portflorence 14017 Private
Muhoroni Koru Mission 13719 FBO
Muhoroni St. vincent depaul 14128 FBO
Nyakach Nyabondo Mission 13864 FBO
Nyando Awasi Mission Hospital 13491 Private
Nyando Ahero medical clinic 18291 Private
Homa Bay Town St.Lawrence Hospital 21162 Private
Mbita Mbita Sub-County Hospital 13798 Public
Homa Bay Town Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospita 13608 Public
Kabondo Kasipul Kabondo Sub-County Hospital 13638 Public
Suba South Nyandiwa Level IV Hospital 13920 Public
Rachuonyo South Nyangiela Sub District 13926 Public
Suba South Magunga Level IV Hospital 13753 Public
Mbita Ogongo Sub-County Hospital 13967 Public
Rangwe Asumbi Mission Hospital 13488 FBO
Homa Bay Town Marindi Sub County Referral Hospital 13777 Public
Suba South Suba Sub-Couty Hospital 14130 Public
Suba South Sori Lakeside Hospital (Sindo) 23677 Private
Karachuonyo Kendu Sub-District Hospital 13668 Public
Karachuonyo Kendu Adventist Hospital 13667 FBO
Ndhiwa Ndhiwa Sub-District Hospital 13841 Public
Rachuonyo South Rachuonyo District Hospital 14022 Public
Suba South Kisegi Sub-District Hospital 13701 Public
Rachuonyo South Matata Nursing Hospital 13789 Public
Rangwe Rangwe Sub-District Hospital 14036 Public
Karachuonyo Kandiege Sub-District Hospital 13653 Public
Suna east Migori county referral hospital 13805 Public
Uriri Uriri subcounty hospital 14161 Public
Uriri Oyani subcounty hospital 14009 Public
Uriri Othoro subcounty hospital 14003 Public
Awendo Awendo subcounty hospital 13492 Public
Rongo Rongo subcounty hospital 14058 Public







Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
Suna west Nyamaraga sub county hospital 13897 Public
Nyatike Macalder subcounty hospital 13745 Public
Nyatike Karungu subcounty hospital 13656 Public
Nyatike Muhuru sub county hospital 13833 Public
Kuria west Isebania subcounty hospital 13625 Public
Kuria west Kehancha subcounty hospital 13726 Public
Kuria east Kegonga subcounty hospital 13663 Public
Kuria east Ntimaru sub county hospital 13858 Public
Suna east St. Josephs mission 14110 FBO
Nyatike St. Camillus sori 14103 FBO
Nyatike Sori lake side hospital 23674 Private
Awendo Rapcom hospital 14037 Private
Rongo Royal hospital 14061 Private
Suna west Akidiva memorial hospital 14101 Private
Kuria west Samjomen hospital 21427 Private
Suna west Ojele memorial hospital 13970 Private
Rongo Lwala Community Hospital 13740 NGO
Uriri Neocare memorial hospital 23755 Private
Awendo Ulanda mission hospital 23082 FBO
Kuria east Wima Hospital 24235 Private
Suna east Enockhan Hospital 24793 Private
Suna west PASTOR MACHAJE HOSPITAL 14014 Private
Rongo Lenmek Hospital Rongo Annex 22320 Private
Kuria west St Akidiva Mindira Hospital – Mabera 20020 Private
Bobasi Nyamache Sub County Refferal Hospital 13891 GOK
Bobasi Nyacheki Sub Couny Hospital 13867 GOK
Bomachoge Borabu Kenyenya Sub Count Referral Hospital 13673 GOK
Bomachoge Chache Gucha Sub County Referral Hospital 13594 GOK
Bomachoge Chache Misesi Sub County Hospital 13814 GOK
Bonchari Iyabe Sub County Referral Hospital 13631 GOK
Bonchari Nyamagundo Sub County Hospital 13892 GOK
Bonchari Marble Hospital 22839 Private
Kitutu Chache North Marani Sub County Referral Hospital 13772 GOK
Kitutu Chache North Getembe Kenyara Hospital 23594 Private
Kitutu Chache South Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital 13703 GOK
Kitutu Chache South Iranda Sub County Referral Hospital 13620 GOK
Kitutu Chache South Mediforte Hospital LTD 25454 Private
Kitutu Chache South Care and Cure Hospital 24483 Private
Kitutu Chache South The Nairobi Family Hospital 23961 Private
Kitutu Chache South Oasis Specialist Hospital 20619 Private
Kitutu Chache South Nyangena Hospital 13925 Private
Kitutu Chache South Ram Hospital 14028 Private
Kitutu Chache South Getembe Hospital 13567 Private
Kitutu Chache South Bosongo Hospital 13515 Private
Kitutu Chache South Hema Hospital 13603 Private
Nyaribari Chache Keumbu Sub County Referral Hospital 13680 GOK
Nyaribari Chache Ibeno Sub County Hospital 13612 GOK
Nyaribari Chache Christamarrianne Hospital 13527 FBO
Nyaribari Chache Nyanchwa Adventist Hospital 13918 FBO
Nyaribari Masaba Gesusu Sub County Refferal Hospital 13564 GOK
Nyaribari Masaba Masimba Sub County Hospital 13783 GOK
Nyaribari Masaba Ibacho Sub County Hospital 13611 GOK
Nyaribari Masaba Nyamasibi Sub County Hospital 13903 GOK
Nyaribari Masaba St Cathrine Ichuni Mission Hospital 20914 FBO
South Mugirango Nduru Sub County Referral Hospital 13847 GOK
South Mugirango Etago Sub County Hospital 13550 GOK
South Mugirango Tabaka Mission Hospital 14139 FBO
Manga Manga District Hospital 13766 Public
Manga Holsoms Nursing Home 24431 Private
Manga Nyangena Sub District Hospital (Manga) 13924 Public
Nyamira South Nyamira County Refferal Hospital 13912 Public
Nyamira South Oasis Maternity and Nursing Home 23702 Private
Nyamira South Kinara Hospital 13913 Private
Nyamira North Nyamusi Sub-District Hospital 13916 Public
Nyamira North Ekerenyo Sub-District Hospital 13540 Public
Masaba North Esani Sub-District Hospital 13548 Public
Masaba North Gesima Sub-County Hospital 13559 Public
Masaba North Masaba District Hospital 13678 Public
Borabu Kijauri Sub County Hospital 13692 Public
Borabu Nyansiongo Nursing Home 13937 FBO





Subcounty Health Facility Name MFL CODE Ownership
Roysambu Kenyatta University Teaching Refferal and Resea 24979 Public
Embakasi West Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital – Embakasi 17411 Public
Dagoretti South Mutuini Sub-District Hospital 13105 Public
Mathare Mathari Hospital 13076 Public
Kibra Kenyatta National Hospital 13023 Public
Kamukunji Moi Air Base Hospital 13095 Public
Kamukunji Pumwani Maternity Hospital 13156 Public
Dagoretti North National Spinal Injury Hospital 13194 Public
Kibra Memorial Hospital 13087 Public
Kibra Mbagathi District Hospital 13080 Public
Westlands Nairobi Adventist Hospital 24563 FBO
Dagoretti North Better Living Hospital 23385 FBO
Ruaraka Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital 18485 FBO
Kasarani St Francis Community Hospital (Kasarani) 17943 FBO
Starehe The Mater Misericordiae Hospital 13074 FBO
Makadara Jamaa Mission Hospital 12984 FBO
Mathare Jumuia Hospital Huruma 12972 FBO
Dagoretti North Coptic Hospital (Ngong Road) 12905 FBO
Langata St Mary’s Mission Hospital 13218 FBO
Westlands Mediheal Hospital Parklands 26331 Private
Dagoretti North Garden Specialist Hospital 25941 Private
Starehe Health Gate Hospital 25644 Private
Kasarani RFH Specialist Hospital 24828 Private
Kasarani Radiant Group Of Hospitals Kasarani Sportsview 24488 Private
Kamukunji Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh 23985 Private
Ruaraka Drive-In Nursing Hospital-Ruaraka 23855 Private
Westlands The Nairobi Hospital Warwick Outpatient Cente 23559 Private
Embakasi East Bristol Park Hospital Utawala 23399 Private
Kasarani Radiant Hospital Kasarani Annex 23068 Private
Langata South C Hospital Limited(South C) 22844 Private
Westlands Lions Sightfirst Eye Hospital 21147 Private
Langata Melchizedek Hospital Karen 20072 Private
Westlands The Mater Hospital (Westlands) 19543 Private
Embakasi East Mariakani Cottage Hospital Utawala 19432 Private
Starehe Juja Road Hospital (Nairobi) 19318 Private
Starehe Lad Nan Hospital 19316 Private
Roysambu St Louis Community Hospital 19280 Private
Embakasi East Bristal Park Hospital 18271 Private
Starehe South B Hospital Ltd 18005 Private
Langata St Mac’s Hospital 17391 Private
Dagoretti North Nairobi Womens Hospital Adams 16795 Private
Dagoretti North Nairobi Hospital 13110 Private
Westlands Mp Shah Hospital (Westlands) 13098 Private
Langata Meridian Equator Hospital 13109 Private
Makadara Mariakani Cottage Hospital Ltd 13064 Private
Kasarani St Francis Com Hospital 13202 Private
Embakasi West Umoja Hospital 13241 Private
Kamukunji Mother & Child Hospital 13096 Private
Kamukunji Dorkcare Nursing Home 12921 Private
Langata Langata Hospital 13042 Private
Embakasi Central Kayole Hospital 13014 Private
Langata The Karen Hospital 13004 Private
Westlands Gertrudes Childrens Hospital 12950 Private
Starehe Guru Nanak Hospital 12965 Private
Mathare Huruma Maternity Hospital 12975 Private
Roysambu Compassionate Hospital 12902 Private
Westlands Avenue Hospital 12874 Private
Westlands Aga Khan Hospital 12867 Private
Dagoretti North Nairobi Womens Hospital (Hurlingham) 13117 Private
Dagoretti North Melchezedek Hospital 13086 Private
Starehe Radiant Pangani Hospital 13158 Private
Langata Nairobi West Hospital 13115 Private
Makadara Metropolitan Hospital Nairobi 13090 Private
Langata Nairobi South Hospital 13112 Private


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