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ByJuma Chai

Feb 22, 2020

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has released a report showing the population making the country.

10.) The Maasai

The Maasai closes the list of the top ten populous communities in the country, having a total of 1,189,522 people.

9.) Meru
They are 9 placed with a total of 1,975,869 people.

8.) Mijikenda
Coming from the country’s coastal region, Mijikendas are 2,488,691 in total, being in the eighth position of the most populous communities.

7.) Kisii
The Kisii’s were beaten by the Somalis who for long have decried marginalization. The Kisii community which comes from the western parts of the country is made of 2,703,235 people, that being position seven.

6.) Somali
The community which is mostly based in the northern and north-eastern parts of the country has a total of 2,780,236 people.

5.) The Luos
Luos also made to the list of the most populous communities, recording 4,663,910 people.

4.) The Kamba
The Kambas are fourth-placed with a total of 5,006,966 people.

3.) The Kalenjins
Kalenjins, the occupants of the larger former Rift Valley province become the third among the populous tribes, having a total of 5,358,113 people, that summing all the sub-tribes that make the community.

2.) The Luhyas
The occupants of the former Western Province become the second in the list of communities with the most people in the country. Luhyas are 6,823,668 in number.

1.) The Kikuyus
According to the report, the Kikuyus lead the country with a total of 8,148, 668 people, that being two million more than the second-placed Luhya community from the western parts of the country which has a total of 6, 823, 668 people.

The numbers as shown by the report tends to be at play by politicians as the 2022 general vote approaches.

Communities with the least people are the El Molo who are 1,104 in total, the Konso who are 1,299 and the Gosha who are 685.

The report has been sourced out of the 2019 Census which showed the country has, 47,564,296 people

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