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Top 10 Real Estate Companies to Invest With in 2020


May 6, 2020

Having money in your accounts could be the biggest avenue to acquiring property in Kenya, but dealing with the wrong real estate company could be the genesis to losing your money. Even as the real estate industry becomes more lucrative, more players are joining in but not all are genuine; some, indeed, are just after quick money.

In recent years, people have been losing their money after the companies they invested in collapsed, and the owners disappeared. With that in mind, it is prudent to identify the best real estate company to invest with. We have sampled a list of the best ten companies that you can invest with this year.

1. Villa Care

Villa Care Ltd is a real estate services firm in Kenya. The company was established over two decades ago. Today, the company has made its presence strongly felt in the Kenyan property market and can with certainty declare itself a market leader. The firm offers a wide scope of real estate services, particularly specializing in real estate consultancy, management and sale of residential properties and a variety of commercial properties in Nairobi, Mombasa and East African region.

2. Homes Universal

Homes Universal is a consortium dealing with all the aspects of real-estate. The group includes companies such as Villa Care, Homes Kenya Magazine, Sigimo Enterprises, Mentor Group, Kenya Interiors, International Valuers, Security 24, Nairobi Best Homes, etc.

3. Knight Frank

The company was established in March 1998. Knight Frank Kenya (KFK) works closely with Knight Frank Tanzania and Knight Frank Uganda to complete a regional network that cements the Knight Frank group’s expanding Central and South African interests.

Advising national and international commercial and residential developers, investors, owners and occupiers Knight Frank Kenya fulfill a wide range of real estate needs, including: property management, agency, valuation, project management, feasibility and research-led consultancy.

With expert knowledge of factors affecting national and international property markets, Knight Frank Kenya goal is to improve operations, maximize returns on investment and add value throughout working partnerships.

4. Hass Consult Ltd

Hass Consult is a real estate firm in Kenya established in 1992. The company offers a variety of services ranging from new property development and consultancy to letting, selling and managing of residential and commercial properties, and more recently valuations of all kinds of properties, including hotels, businesses and industries

5. Llyod Masika

Lloyd Masika Limited is a leading Registered Valuation and Estate Agency firm, providing professional valuation and estate agent services in Kenya. It has been established since 1979 and is structured in three main departments, which are complimentary in the provision of services.

6. Homescope Properties Ltd

Homescope Properties Ltd is a building development consultants and developers with over Nine years of construction experience. The company has successfully completed a diverse set of complex development projects across the country where it has developed land mark properties.

7. Ryden International LTD

Ryden’s success is closely due to the values instilled by its founder, Iain Illingworth, who placed great importance to personal integrity, prompt and efficient service, and a personalized approach to the business. Ryden International LTD is dedicated to a standard of values that promote honesty, trust and openness.


Gakuyo real estate is well established today and has been serving customers very well. It is one of the registered real estate companies in Kenya and because of that, they offer professional services. Their mission is to constantly serve customers and produce high quality and innovative service available ever.

Gakuyo real estate in Kenya boasts of some core values such as excellence, integrity, and commitment. At Gakuyo, you can have access to the properties of land and houses at an affordable rate. They have a well-committed team working together tirelessly to provide the best of service to their clients.


Optiven promises to provide the best real estate services available in Kenya. With their strong and excellent working force, Optiven has emerged as one to be trusted when making a choice.


Optiven promises to provide the best real estate services available in Kenya. With their strong and excellent working force, Optiven has emerged as one to be trusted when making a choice.

They have several strategic flourishing businesses. Notable among them are Optiven real estate, Optiven construction, and Optiven water.

They aim to create over 30,000 direct employees by 2030. The London stock exchange in 2019 singled out Optiven Enterprise as one of the companies to uplift Africa.


At Dinara real estate Kenya, you are assured of properties at a very affordable rate for high, middle, and low-income earners.

They have what suits everyone and access to improved public services and social amenities. It won’t be bad to check them out if the needs arise.

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