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Sadio Mane donates KSh 5 million to his homeland to help fight coronavirus

ByAlbert Muliro

Mar 18, 2020

– Sadio Mane has reportedly made a €45,000 donation to his country to help fight Coronavirus

– The winger is said to have made the donation “spontaneously when he saw the evolution of the situation”

– Senegal has 27 confirmed cases of COVID-19 according to health officials of the west African nation

– The 27-year-old has also in the past built schools and a hospital for his village people

– Mane is looking to win his first Premier League title with Liverpool in the 2019-20 campaign

Sadio Mane has been a loyal son to his homeland to the core despite acquiring all his wealth in Europe.

The Liverpool striker has once again proved he is the nicest after he reportedly donated €45,000 to help fight the deadly coronavirus in Senegal.

Senegal have had 27 confirmed cases so far of COVID-19, with the country suspending a number of flights in an effort to contain its spread.

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