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Rwanda’s Smartphone Manufacturer, Mara Group, to Compete with the Giant Samsung in Smartphone Manufacturing Business.

ByAlbert Muliro

Oct 8, 2019

With the increased need for smartphones across the world, Mobile phone manufacturing has become one of the global most lucrative businesses. This trend has seen the once small companies like Techno and Huawei growing into huge multinational companies competing with huge companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Nokia. The latest company to join the industry comes from the least expected African Country, Rwanda.

On Monday October 7, 2019, Rwandan President oversaw the official launching of the Mara Phones Manufacturing Company, a branch of the large Mara Group Company. Mara Group Company is owned by Ashish J. Thakkar, a respected businessman. The company was launched in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city. According to Thakkar, smartphone consumers should expected high quality phones that meets the international standards at affordable prices. This comes as the rate of smartphone usage in Africa having increased in the recent years.

The smartphone penetration in Rwanda is estimated at 15 percent, with Techno and Samsung as the main models dominating the market. According to TechJury, Samsung is the main brand that has dominated the smartphone market in the Middle and East Africa. Therefore, Mara phones are set to compete with this giant brand.

The two pioneer phones released by Mara Phones are Mara X and Mara Z. The two phones are set to operate on the famous Google’s Android Operating System with the permission to access millions of applications from Google’s Play Store.  Mara X will costs 175,750 Rwanda francs ($191) and Mara Z will cost 120, 250 Rwandan francs ($131).

The Rwanda’s Mara Phone Manufacturing Company is said to have been constructed at a cost of $24 million with a projected output of 1200 phones a day. According to the Company’s C.E.O, Mara Phones is the first smartphone manufacturing company in Africa. This comes as Samsung is set to open its African plant in Ethopia.

Besides offering quality smartphones at fordable prices, the company is expected to increase job opportunities to hundreds of Rwandese and citizens from other parts of Africa

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