Oskido was born in Brits South Africa on NOVEMBER 23 1996, to a Zimbabwean father and a South African mother. He lived in Luveve Township in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, where he graduated from high school at Gifford High school Bulawayo. At age 21 he went back to Brits to run a family spaza shop before moving on to Johannesburg where he started his music career.

He came into the limelight at a night club where he used to sell sausages. It happened that a Dj failed to show up and Oskido volunteered to perform. He later came to rework some songs and formulate his own kind of sound into cassettes, he released the compilations like Mixmaster and Big Jam thus making him popular outside Johannesburg before he was introduced to Bruce “Dope” Sebitlo, a South African musical act who went on partner Oskido to form the Brothers of Peace band

Under the Brothers of Peace band, Oskido released and produced eight albums between 1994 and 2004 before he went on to partner with Don Laka and Christos Katsaitis to found Kalawa Records.


Oskido has made a fair amount of wealth from performances. But as a founder of Kalawa Jazmee which is worth $2 million part of his wealth is as a result of the company. Oskido’s net worth is estimated at around 2.8 million dollars. As he is still active in the industry, Oskido’s wealth is expected to rise within the next few years.


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