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Most profitable Agribusiness ideas in Kenya


Aug 12, 2020

Agribusiness is the backbone of Kenya’s economy. Many Kenyans are taking on agribusiness and applying modern technology to make it more efficient and profitable. Below are the top ten profitable agribusiness ideas:

1. Dairy Farming

Milk is an important requirement in many Kenyan kitchens especially in making tea. Most Kenyan families prefer tea with milk in it to black tea. The current price of milk goes for Ksh. 35 a packet in milk processing plants and Ksh. 60 a packet at the shops, making dairy farming very profitable.

Dairy Farming
Dairy Farming

2. Fish Farming

Tilapia, Catfish, Nile Perch among others, are some of the fish that farmers in Kenya raise for profits. Fish farming in Kenya is on demand and many supermarkets are issuing tenders for supply. Some Secondary Schools in Kenya also making orders for fish during important school events. The current price of fish is Ksh. 500 per Kg.


3. Vegetable Farming

Many vegetables in the market offer high returns in just three (3) months of planting. Onions, Capsicums, Tomatoes, Cabbages are just a few examples of vegetables that have proved to be profitable as they can generate you a lot of income in a short period of time. A farmer with plenty of water available and irrigation equipment can still plant during the dry seasons and make a lot of money.

Vegetable Farming
Vegetable Farming

4. Bee Keeping

The cost of starting a bee keeping business is relatively low and the returns very high. You can start a bee keeping business in Kenya with as low as 3,000 by constructing a langstroth bee hive from your local carpenter. Other things you may need are veils, bee suits and smokers (Smokers are used to control the bees during harvest to prevent them from stinging you)

5. Most profitable farming ideas in Kenya: Poultry Farming

Chickens lay hundreds of eggs of every year which are always on high demand locally and globally. Kienyeji chicken eggs are sold between Ksh 15- Ksh 20 while exotic birds go for Ksh 10-Ksh 20. You can also raise chickens for meat and sell them for a hefty profit. Refer to our previous article about layers and broilers for an in-depth view.

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