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KDF seals off Moyale border to kick out smugglers


May 21, 2020

The Kenya Defence Forces has sealed an illegal entry along the Moyale border in a bid to smoke out smugglers.

The KDF officers deployed in the Northern region of Kenya took measures to seal off the four illegal entry points at the Kenyan-Ethiopia border.

The four illegal entry points were identified at Sessi, Kore, Foundation, and Biashara.

“Sealing off the illegal entry points will assist keep off smugglers who conduct illicit trade along the Kenya – Ethiopia border,” the forces said on Thursday.

KDF said via Facebook that the exercise is ongoing with reconnaissance to establish other remaining illegal entries and seal them off.

Last month, the Moyale border was rocked by gunfire between the Kenya Defence Forces and the Tabaqa militia from Ethiopia.

The fighting led to closure of business as residents scampered for safety.

Video clips showed other residents taking cover in the bush.

According to a source in the area, the early morning fight came after KDF started digging trenches to prevent illegal crossing and smuggling.

Government sources confirmed this, saying KDF officers were attacked by the militia from the Garre community and they fought back.

The Ethiopian gunmen, known as Tabaqa, were against the closure of the border.

A local was hit by a stray bullet and was treated at a local hospital and discharged.

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