KASHA.CO.KE is a Kenyan online shop the provides beauty and care products to Kenyan women.

It is the home for confidentiality and convenience. at Kasha.co.ke you will find health and personal care products that are carefully selected to cater to the Millennial African Woman. Kasha was founded on the belief that women should have access to the products and information they need to control their own destiny.

Kasha also has an award-winning mobile platform that was designed and built to put women first. PRODUCTS OFFERED AT KASHA INCLUDE

  1. Over 365 body and beauty products
  2. over 70 menstrual care products
  3. 161 pharmaceuticals
  4. 38 sexual and reproductive health products
  5. unlimited information on female health


please send them an email at info.kenya@kasha.co.ke



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