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instant loan apps in GHANA

ByJuma Chai

Oct 9, 2019

Getting an instant loan in Ghana in this modern era is much easier. Currently, the enormous number of micro-finance firms accompanied by other lending associations is astonishing. In fact, they are all buzzing like bees in promoting themselves, with the hopes of luring needy borrowers. This is not to mention the online lending firms, which are sprouting on daily basis trying to get a slice of the market’s pie. Nowadays when I need a quick loan in Ghana, I simply browse through the internet to find the ideal lender to borrow from-since many of them have websites. Alternatively, with this age of smartphones and applications,downloading an app from a reliable and reputable firm is usually my next move into solving my financial predicaments. Desperate times call for desperate measures; it may sound more of a cliché, but it’s still a fact. When life becomes strenuous and almost unbearable-with so many debts and bills hovering around-these quick loans come in handy. Fortunately, there are quite a number of quick loan companies in Ghana such as Fido Money Lending Limited that may come to your rescue.

1. Opportunity International savings and loans limited

Opportunity international is located at the Kwame Nkrumah avenue. The operating hours are Monday to Friday. Opening a savings account at Opportunity international is only GHC10. The savings account will allow you to save more, and also plan for the future. At this company, an individual can get interests of up to GHC100 depending on the savings. Moreover, there is the susu deposit option for the people that find it hard to visit the bank. This type of deposit is very flexible because the bank comes to you via their personnel.

2. Fido money lending

Fido offices are located at Accra along Blohum road. This financial institution can be accessed through the smartphone by just downloading it from your android phone. It offers emergency loan with no credit check. The first requirement is having Google play store. It is very fast and convenient and you can borrow a loan of GHC 200 to start with and then you can move slowly, up the ladder to GHC 1000.

3. Izwe loans

Ghana Izwe loans are a non-bank financial institution not only Accra Ghana but also other countries in Africa. It also has branches in Takoradi, Ho and Tamale. Izwe gives loans to the employed civil servants. The good thing about putting your trust in Izwe loans are that once you area working individual, you get loans of up to GHC 15000. Izwe loans guarantees a civil servant of security especially of their assets. It helps individuals to come up with good pension schemes too.

4. Advans Ghana

savings and loans Advans Ghana was founded in 2007 by a network of microfinance institutions. Currently it has 18 branches which have very limited access to formal banking. Advans offices are located in Accra. The main role of this financial instituting is to provide loans and support entrepreneurship. For an individual who wants to start a business, and wants a substantial amount for his capital, Advans Ghana is the place to be. This institution also offers a wide variety of services including saving through electronic payment. It partnered with Oiko credit and right now this institution has grown and has encouraged the growth of businesses in Ghana.

5. Golden link savings and loans

Golden link was established last year at Tesano Accra. The main aim of Golden link is to be a bank that offers their customers with great deals. It aims at providing financial services of its customers at the comfort of their homes. Golden link is still a young company but so far it is doing very well by providing affordable services to its customers. Golden link wants to be a bank soon that is registered by the government but to do that it should be in a position to get more customers and more profits.

6. Unicredit Ghana

This type of loan that is available for the workers that are employed. The loan ranges from GHC 500- GHC 100,000.

Juma Chai

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