KENYA, will be going for a population census in august 2019. This is in line with the countries tradition of holding a census every 10 years. The population census is necessary for any country because it serves as basis for adequate policy planning. Here are some of the great importance of the census.

Population census reveals the current trend of fertility and mortality, This helps to calculate growth rate and also necessary for planning for social services.

Census may reveal the composition of population by age,this information is useful in laying down plans for provision amenities for the different age groups.

Census may reveal dependency ratio in the country,the information may be used in determining tax relief.

It may reveal the age sex composition of the population,helps to reveal regional imbalances in working and dependence population.

It reveals nationality and ethnicity of people which may be useful in planning for the distribution of political responsibilities.

It reveals the place of birth of an individual which may help to know the migration trends.



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