Selling of secondhand clothes, commonly called ‘mitumba’ in Kenya or Okirika in Nigeria, is a very popular and booming business venture. Many succesfull business people in sub Saharan Africa started their ventures in this industry. Kenya imports around 100,000 tonnes of the second hand clothes a year. This creates a lot of cash for the government in terms of customs and also creates millions of people either directly or indirectly.

It is time for you to tap into this business venture. It is highly profitable and can support your family. This article provides you with tips and hacks that you can use to start a MUTUMBA, OKIRIKA, SECOND HAND CLOTHES BUSINESS anywhere in Africa.

  • Become an importer.


If you have good connections and enough cash it is better to become an impoter since this is more profitable than becoming a vendor. This is applicable if you are living outside the continent or you know somebody who lives outside the country.

So How Do You Start Importing Used Clothes.

  1. Get a Big shop back home if you are outside Nigeria where you will be stocking your goods when it arrives. The same shop will be used for displaying so that passerby who would like to bend down and select could do that conveniently. A friend confirmed that some of the cloths found in this bales are good enough to be sold in boutiques as some are still unused with the labels intact.
  2. Source your products online at eBay or Alibaba and select the preferred supplier. Or you go round and look for suppliers. You will have to arrange for trusted business partners back home who will be in charge of the home front.
  3. Set your logistic in place and begin to import. As soon as it arrives, your partner at home will take over from there and handle the sale, distribution and disbursement.




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