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GSU officers use tear gas to clear crowded markets in Meru


Mar 26, 2020

Police officers from the General Service Unit (GSU) are patrolling key trading centres in Igembe, Meru to clear crowds.

Igembe North health officer Titus Mutura said security agencies made the move to deploy GSU officers because people were flouting precautionary advise of social distancing in fight against coronavirus.

On Thursday, GSU officers used tear gas to disperse miraa traders and buyers at Muringene and Laare markets.

In a bid to create more space and avoid huge crowds, officials have moved Muthurua miraa market to Kiani kia Baimula playfield. Another market at Mutuati was also moved.

Dr Mutura said travellers coming into the sub-county from Mombasa, Kwale, Nairobi and Kilifi counties, which have recorded cases of coronavirus, are expected to isolate themselves.

β€œThe exercise will be monitored by chiefs and community health volunteers, who will give daily updates,” he said.

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