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ByJuma Chai

Nov 25, 2018

The festive season is here we all want to escape the winter and visit those warm countries in Africa. But the cost of visiting a foreign country may be too high for you and your family. Like anywhere else in the world prices shoot up during the holiday festivities. But there are always ways one can be able to have fun, and celebrate cheaply. Here are some of the best ways.

  1. Don’t roam use a local service provider.      

    as much as we would love to keep in touch with relatives and friends back at home, data roaming is really expensive.  its better for one to get a  local sim card and use local charges. this can save you some few dollars that you may use for food and other fun stuff. another method is also using the hotel landline for your communications.

  2. Always get a local connect    

    most people would prefer to use tour companies but most of them are just doing business. sometimes they may be more expensive. it is therefore advisable to connect with locals.these are some of the benefits of connecting with locals

    • you get a free interpreter. language barriers can make your life hell. but with a local who knows the knowledge of the local language and culture, you can get free interpretations
    • free tour guide. tour guides are of great help to tourists. but locals also have a very wide experience of the local area.  locals will always know the safest streets, the most prestigious spots, the most beautiful beaches, the best activities and the weather patterns.
    • get to buy things cheap. its obvious, in most countries the price tag for that sellers give to locals different from what they offer to non-locals. with a local connect you will get to experience the privileges of being a local.
  3. Use public transport.     private companies, local car hire and other private means are just outrageous. use a local cub, experience the rush and adrenaline of local buses. the fun of using motor cycle cabs and also walking. in some countries like Kenya there is a whole culture around public transport known as the Ma-three culture. its fun and unforgettable.
  4. Try some local foods in the streets.  foreign food is expensive especially if bought in big hotels. when visiting a country its best if one tries local cuisine as prepared by local vendors who still use traditional
  5. Volunteer.  visit Africa as a volunteer.
  6. Do a good research on the best places with the lowest price.
  7. Use Public places

Juma Chai

A writer dedicated to providing the world with the best insights into Africa.

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