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Bungoma: Pastors from Repentance and Holiness, Jehovah Witness churches arrested for holding services


Mar 29, 2020

The pastors were from Apostolic Faith Ministries, Repentance and Holiness and Jevohah Witness churches – One of them had gathered his church members in a house for fellowship but was nabbed by police officers – Another one told the law enforcers that he just wanted to collect offerings from his congregants Three pastors from three different churches in Bungoma county have been nabbed after defying government orders on avoidance of church gatherings in the wake of coronavirus. Godfrey Njoroge of Apostolic Faith Ministries and Kevin Wekesa Jehovah Witness were first to be arrested and they claimed there were not aware of the directive of holding church services. According to a report by NTV, their congregants managed to flee from the law enforcers when the clerics were apprehended. Stanley Wafula of Repentance and Holiness was also arrested some few minutes to 1pm for also conducting a church service and was whisked to Bungoma police station.

“One of the pastors was heard telling a police officer that tulikuja kuchukua sadaka (we just came to collect offering),” the TV station reported. One of the men of the cloth had gathered his church members in his house for service. Though many churches complied with the government’s directive of avoidance of church gatherings, many clerics in the interior did not adhere to the protocol. This comes a day after two priests, several nuns and 46 congregants who were found fellowshipping at two Catholic churches were arrested in Bungoma. The operation was led by Deputy County Commissioner Abdi Hassan who was determined to ensure residents in the county adhered to the national order.

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