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ByJuma Chai

Nov 18, 2019

There are several scholarships offered to bright and needy students in the country. Here are the best scholarships offered to 2019 KCPE CANDIDATES

1. Equity Wings to fly

This program targets high achieving yet needy (orphan or vulnerable) students identified by assessing their performance at the nationally administered Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations (KCPE).

Students can pick application forms in the nearby equity branch.

For more information click here

2. KCB Bank Foundation program

The KCB Foundation has collaborates with KISE (Kenya Institute of Special Education) to design and execute proper management and mentorship of scholarship for PLWDs (People Living with Disabilities).

They also have scholarship programs offered to needy students in the country.

To apply pick application in the nearby KCB bank branch.

For more information click here

3. Coop Bank Foundation scholarships

Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited successfully rolled out Education program in 2007 that pays school fees for needy secondary school students.

To apply visit nearby branch.

For more information click here

4. Jomo Kenya Foundation Scholarships

The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation (JKF) scholarship scheme is an educational fund set up by the Foundation to assist bright but needy secondary school students in the public secondary schools in Kenya.

For one to be considered s/he must provide evidence of being an orphan or suffering from extreme poverty where applicable.

For more information click here

5. KTDA National Tea Foundation Scholarships

The foundation was specifically established to assist bright students who are needy. Successful applicants are required to keep good grades in schools.

However, KTDA National Tea Foundation scholarship is limited only to students within KTDA factory catchment areas.

For more information click here

6. The Family Bank Foundation scholarships

The Family Group Foundation is another organization that offers scholarships to candidates who excels in their KCPE but can’t manage to pay their school fee.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have sat for the KCPE 2018 exam.
  • Must have scored 350 marks and above.
  • Must complete the form that is available in all Family Bank Branches countrywide or can be downloaded from: thefamilygroupfoundation.org/scholarships
  • Must provide a written essay, in applicant’s own handwriting.
  • Must be extremely needy.

For more information click here

7. Kengen Foundation Scholarships

This Scholarship program was set up in 2005. Since that year the program has helped dreams come true for more than 500 outstanding students chosen mainly from areas neighouring the company’s installations which, in most cases are marginalized.

For more information click here

8. Elimu Fund Scholarships

Elimu Fund has scholarship fund to help intelligent Kenyan students with limited financial resources to pursue and successfully complete secondary education. To be considered for the scholarship, the applicant must have completed the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in the preceding year with a minimum grade of “B” and must be in the top 10% of his or her class.

For more information click here

9. Palmhouse Foundation Scholarships

Palmhouse Foundation provides Palmhouse Foundation scholarships to bright and talented children from families that are financially challenged by diverse circumstances and most of whom have attended poorly equipped rural primary schools in Kenya.

For more information click here

10. Hilde back Foundation Scholarships

The Hilde Back Education Fund, (HBEF) is a Kenyan charitable organization that provides financial support to bright children from poor families to enable them get education at the secondary school level.

For more information click here

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