THE KNDF (KENYA NATIONAL DRAMA FESTIVALS) 2020 season was interrupted at the regional stages due to the corona virus. the 2021 season is set to begin late this year. there are several changes meant to combat covid 19 in the festival.


Enhancing moral responsibility in society through theatre and film in the covid-19 era.


  1. Play cast reduces to 15, time reduced to 35 mins.

2. CCD cast reduces to 23.

3. MCD cast reduced to 7.

4. Narrative cast reduced to 2.

5. Choral Verse cast reduced to 12.

6. No sharing of instruments in Cultural Creative Dance.

7. The entire Dance must be upstage.

8. Minimum props for MCD, should not be shared.

9. Performers to sanitize before going on stage

10. Backstage crew and cast must have their masks on at all times.

11. The festival shall appoint crew to handle the curtains. Performers should not touch the curtain.

12. For plays, there shall not be more than 6 performers on stage at any given time.

13. The entire performance of the play must be upstage.

14. Teams should have one main canvas backdrop and simple props. The organizers will have a common background where the canvas will be mounted

15. No institution shall bring personal boards.

16. No sharing of costumes and other accessories

17. 1.5 metre rule to be observed in Choral verses with no sharing of props and costumes


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