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ByJuma Chai

May 9, 2021

Teachers have something to smile about after their employer the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) promoted 16,152 teachers following successful interviews conducted in December 2020 and February 2021.

According to the commission these interviews that were conducted in February  this year are part of the final phase of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) whose implementation started on 1st July 2017.

TSC has further indicated that letters on the outcome of the interviews are in the process of being sent to all teachers who were interviewed in due course.

Teachers are cautioned to be wary of fraudsters purporting to have ability to influence the outcome of the interviews. The Commission will communicate to all teachers who were interviewed through the existing official communication channels.

The details of the positions that have been filled are as listed below; 

S/No. Position Advert No. Scale
1 Deputy Principal I 5/2020 13 (D3)
2 Deputy Principal Ii 6/2020 12 (D2)
3 Senior Lecturer I 7/2020 12 (D2)
4 Deputy Principal III 8/2020 11 (D1)
5 Curriculum Support Officers 9/2020 10 (C5)
6 Head Teachers 10/2020 10 (C5)
7 Senior Master IV 11/2020 9 (C4)
8 Deputy Head Teacher II 12/2020 9 (C4)
9 Senior Lecturer IV 13/2020 9 (C4)
10 Senior Master IV 14/2020 9 (C4)


Adverts Nos. 14/2019 to 35/2019

  • Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher II serving under
  • Career Progression Guidelines for teachers (Re-advertisement)
  • Secondary Teacher I (C3/T-Scale 8) for teachers serving under Career Progression Guidelines.
  • Positions for Secondary Teacher 1 & 11, Senior Master, Deputy Principal, Primary Teacher 1, Senior Teacher, Deputy Headteacher and Headteachers for teachers serving under career progressions in Asal areas.

Number of teachers promoted per job group.

S/No. Position Advert No. Scale No of teachers promoted
1 Deputy Principal I May-20 13 (D3)


2 Deputy Principal IIS Jun-20 12 (D2)


3 Senior Lecturer I Jul-20 12 (D2)


4 Deputy Principal III Aug-20 11 (D1)


5 Curriculum Support Officers Sep-20 10 (C5) 209 
6 Head Teachers Oct-20 10 (C5)


7 Senior Master IV Nov-20 9 (C4)


8 Deputy Head Teacher II Dec-20 9 (C4)


9 Senior Lecturer IV 13/2020 9 (C4)


10 Senior Master IV 14/2020 9 (C4)



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