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15 Top and Best African comedians of all time 2021

ByJuma Chai

Oct 27, 2018

Comedy in Africa has grown immensely with many talented young people making a living from it.

Most African comedians enjoy huge fan base not only in the continent but globally. Its incredibly amazing how they turn every day happenings into artistic expressions, thereby inspiring masses.

In this article am going to highlight top comedians in the continent whose efforts to put laughter in our faces have not gone unrecognized.

I5 top and best African Comedians of all time

They are not arranged in any particular order of preference.

1. Trevor Noah- South Africa

Trevor remains to be the most renowned comedian in the continent. His unique and humorous to  race, apartheid and politics makes him the best when it comes to stage presentation.

His biggest achievement was in 2015 when took over as host of ABC’s “the daily show” from Jon Stewart, becoming Africa’s biggest comedy export of all time.

2. Anne Kansime – Ugandan

Kansime is a Ugandan based comedian who is oftenly referred to many Queen of African comedy.

Her strong fan base across the continent has seen him soaring greater heights in the comedy scene.

3. Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill

Ndambuki sails from Kenya and his contribution to comedy world is so immense. He has natured great talents in the laugh industry including Eric Omondi who enjoys resounding fan base in the continent.

He hosts a weekly show in the leading TV in Kenya where young comedians are given platform to showcase their raw talents.

4. Bright Okpocha alia Basket Mouth

Born and bred in Nigeria, Basket Mouth is one of the continent’s comedian who has entertained fans for long.

His unique way of turning real life experience into humour is what makes him top in the game.

5. Ronnie Khalil

Egyptian-American Shaher Ronnie Khalil is a comedian who has travelled widely because of comedy. He has toured the United States and headlined in four continents.

Ronnie has entertained millions of fans around the world through his talent.

6. Celeste Ntuli

Ntuli is popularly know as Queen of Zulu comedy by South Africans because of outstanding talent.

Celeste, who also doubles up as an actress, remains one of the funniest comedians in South Africa with her topics ranging from issues like weight loss and singleness to gender and feminism.

7. Eric Omondi

The Kenyan based comedian made his breakthrough when he appeared in most watched TV show in Kenya- Churchill show.

His big talent has seen him performing in continental events like African Kings of Comedy.

8. Patrick Indring alias Salvador

The Uganda’s finest comedian hails from Ombokolo village few kilometers outside the capital city Kampala a place where he continually make fun in his performance.

Salvador is a trained telecommunications professional, who left his career after winning a comedy competition and now bears the title of “Uganda’s funniest face”.

9. Helen Paul

He is a Nigerian based stand up comedian whose voice changing techniques compares to no other.

She is a graduate of the University of Lagos. Helen made a debut into the comedy scene as a Mischievous comic character on a radio program known as “Wetin Dey” on Lagos’ Radio Continental where she played “Tatafo” – a brainy kid who addressed Lagos’ major problems in a childlike and satirical manner.

10. Loyiso Gola

The super talented comedian has a unique way of humour in the most amazing way.

Loyiso is stand comedian who doesn’t spare politicians. He is the founder of South African satirical news show, Late Night News (LNN) , which got an Emmy award nomination for best comedy series in 2014.

Other renowned comedians include;

  • Carl Joshua Nqube (Zimbabwean)
  • Tumi Morale(South African)
  • Daliso Chopanda (Malawian)
  • Kagiso Lediga (South African)
  • Eddie Kadie (DRC)

Juma Chai

A writer dedicated to providing the world with the best insights into Africa.

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